No search function on Android?

Does the Android app really not have a search function?

I'm hoping I missed it somewhere, because this seems so essential. I frequently search for previous transactions, filter, or search the note field for a particular hashtag, and find myself going to the desktop version. However, when I am traveling, all I carry is my phone, so I'm sort of at a loss without this feature. It actually comes up a lot. Sometimes I want to remember how much I paid for a certain item, what it cost to take an Uber to a certain location, etc. The search function even came in handy when I was meeting with my tax preparer recently.

Until a few weeks ago, I was double-entering every transaction into YNAB and MoneyWiz (which DOES have a search function), but this became tedious. 

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  • Hi doctor_who !

    Thank you for letting us know you were looking for those options! We understand the search and filter functions are convenient in the web app, but they're not yet available in the mobile app. 

    If you have a moment, would you mind filling out the Feature Request form? That goes directly to our development team so they know which features you'd like to see most! :)

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  • Please, please add this feature. It is now 2019 and we still can't conduct a simple search in the mobile app. I can't stress enough... search is king... it is unfathomable that I have to find a computer and launch a browser to login to the web app to conduct a search. How, how, how is this still not available. Basic critical features like search, MFA, remain MIA. I really love YNAB but am so frustrated with the lack of basic functionality in the mobile app that I've researched alternatives and am considering switching. This is also why I have refrained from recommending YNAB to friends/family, as I know the lack of search on mobile would drive them bananas.

    Please. Add. Search.

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    • Hi cgs !

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! If you haven't already, would you mind submitting a Feature Request? That form goes directly to our development team to let them know what you'd like to see going forward. However, we have a number of things in store for the new year and I think you'll like them! :)

    • Faness why do you want us to add a feature request? Why can’t you? I am disappointed YNAB is so bureaucratic. You didn’t use to be so. 

    • Hi Bossyboots !

      Having users submit a feature request allows for any personal details to be included. For instance, if you want the option to have default search terms you can include that in the form. The details are a great way for our product team to get more information and apply use cases.

      That said, search for mobile is on our radar! Feature requests are always optional, but it doesn't hurt to have one more voice to listen to. :)

  • Faness, thank you - already done!

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  • I have also added a feature request in for search on mobile [iphone/ipad/android].  I'm trying to get my wife onboard with using the mobile app for YNAB and the older YNAB app (the non-subscription one) had a search that worked well.  Now she doesn't want to use the new YNAB app because it doesn't have what the old one had.  

    She is not always by a computer to do searching through the web app.

    Please add search in soon, it is very frustrating that the mobile app is so limited without it.

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  • Can't believe we still don't have transaction search in the mobile app.  The YNAB classic mobile app had  search.  It's been years now of paid subscription, and lack of search is unacceptable.

    • Hi qtip !

      Search on mobile is currently in the works! We have it listed on our What’s Up Next, and hope to release it soon! :)

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      Thanks @Faness.  That's good news.   I'm looking forward to it! 

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