Farewell, YNAB4

As of this morning, I finally uninstalled YNAB4 from the last computer on which I was running it.  Since the launch of nYNAB, I have tried to go back to YNAB4 several times, even written a few nasty-grams to the support team, but after a few years of use I can now say that I am glad to use the web version and will be happily endorsing it to my friends and family.  I thought I would take a moment to share my reasons for (finally) choosing nYNAB as my go-forward budgeting platform.

  1. I've come to realize that the secret to budgeting is not necessarily to have a foolproof, picture perfect plan, but it is instead to deliberately and consistently make decisions in regards to your finances.  I feel that nYNAB does a commendable job at not only facilitating decision making but encouraging it on a day-to-day basis.
  2. I don't miss Income for Next Month.  In fact, with my current workflow, it would be an unnecessary hindrance.  Per point 1 above, I think that the point is to make a decision with your income when you receive it, and once that's done I don't get any lasting benefit from Income for Next Month.  I've found that, while it was an amazing mechanic in YNAB4, once the decision regarding income has been made it loses some of its benefits.
  3. Continuing point 2, I have found that the daily benefits of nYNAB in regards to direct import, which keeps the budget accurate far more regularly, far outweigh the benefits of Income for Next Month.  Having a template budget was nice, but if I already know my template and have implemented in the software, there's more value to me to be able to step back from the budget and let direct import keep the budget current.  
  4. And because of point 3, I've found that it does actually do what it says on the label in that nYNAB allows me to not have to worry about the budget for days and sometimes weeks at a time.  I don't want to have to launch the software, log into my bank, reconcile the accounts, blah and blah often in order to keep valid numbers in the categories.  nYNAB allows me to have most of my interaction with the budget in the mobile app.  When I log a purchase and see that there are available transactions to import, it's usually only a 3 - 5 minute process at most to approve transactions and categorize anything we missed - which happens, and nYNAB makes missing a transaction not such a big deal.  As the primary budgeter in the household, I find the lack of stress in this area invaluable.
  5. Lastly, I think that it's a truer representation of the YNAB philosophy than YNAB4.  Budgeting is logical, easy to follow, and understandable.  I showed my wife my process, and she immediately understood it, could replicate it, and (to my chagrin) improve on it.  I think the look and the feel of the budgeting process in nYNAB is spot on.

Keep up the good work, YNAB, and sorry for some of my past emails.

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    Congrats to you!  I hope I can find nYNAB useful but it's not there yet.

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  • <-----quickly running to the old forum in hopes to see some fun....

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