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I pay my credit cards every month, but use them to accumulate points.  In the last couple of months, I am getting negative balances in my credit card payment section.  For example, I pay $100 for groceries, and tag it under groceries, which takes 100 off my grocery budget.  It is under my credit card payment also for $100.  It seems to work ok if I pay the $100 in the same month, but if my credit card is due the next month, I take a carry forward of -100.  

How can I fix this?  It seems like this has only been happening the last couple of months.

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  • For your reference, here are the reasons I've found that the credit card account & payment category balances diverge (paid in full cards):

    • starting balance on a paid-in-full card - category is lower
    • overspending - category is lower
    • uncategorized transactions - category is lower
    • outgoing transfers to other on-budget accounts (e.g., gift card account, mixed funding splits) - category is lower
    • purchase/cash-back rewards (should be categorized to TBB) - category is higher
    • categorizing item returns as TBB (should use the original spending category instead) - category is higher
    • reconciliation adjustment - category is lower for an outflow adjustment, higher for an inflow adjustment
    • taking the account balance positive - category should be $0 in this case
    • making a payment followed by a return/refund to a category

    To correct the problem, budget whatever is needed to make them agree. Some of them can also be fixed other ways (e.g., overspending).

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  • Hey  Green Rain , thanks for reaching out!

    When it comes to the Credit Card Payment category, there are a bunch of reasons why it could go red (just as nolesrule points out)! 

    But we'd love to help you figure this one out. The best way we can do that is if you email us at . And let us know exactly what you wrote in the original message. This way someone from our support team will be able to help you specifically and walk you through what might be causing that overspending in the Credit Card Payment category.

    And because this isn't necessarily a bug, I'm going to move it to our Credit Cards section. If it turns out to be a bug, I'd be happy to move it back! Thanks.

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