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I know there is a thread on reconciling of a Mobil app but I am not sure if that is being looked at and I am seeing more and more people requesting it.  The original question was answered so is YNAB looking at it anymore?  If not they need to.  If you are not going to allow users to reconcile on the APP then please stop forcing the app to open or down load while using the web page from our devices.  We can use the web page instead while you update the APP to allow full functions that are on the webpage already.

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  • Hi Daniel Rufus !

    We'll never finish releasing updates or new features to the mobile app (or the web app!), so we're definitely still looking at it!  😉

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    • Jannelle I totally agree.  I don't reconcile often enough because my old laptop is so clunky. And now it is failing entirely.  I'm retired now, so why do I need to replace it when virtually everything can be done on the ipad. Oh but how can I reconcile!  It is so essential.  But I don't want to buy a laptop just to reconcile! 

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    • Coral Viper on IOS 13 for iPad you can now use Safari to use YNAB.  Remove the APP and see if it works I use my iPad all the time just ask to use the desktop version.

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    • Coral Viper This is on our radar! I can't say for certain when reconciling on mobile will be available, but we're working on it! 

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  • I agree... Until there is an option to reconcile on the YNAB mobile app, it would at least be nice to be able to do it in our phone's web browser (as awkward as that might be) but it forces you to go to the app :(

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  • YNAB Support... I agree with others. Is there a reason why we can’t reconcile in the moble apps. (iPad )? If so please pass.  I consider it an essential feature! I travel extensively and end up going to a hotel business center in order to “clean up” my YNAB moble inputs on a desktop computer.... 

    Common now!  

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    • Hi Mike Vio !

      We hear you loud and clear! We initially chose to bypass reconciling on the mobile app in order to launch the mobile app sooner. We know there are still a few things YNABers want to see in the mobile app, so don't hesitate to submit a Feature Request to let our development team know what you're hoping to see next (like reconciliation)! :)

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      • Gold Viper
      • Gold_Viper.4
      • 10 mths ago
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      Faness any update?

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    • Hi Gold Viper ! We don't have any updates on this, but appreciate you letting us know you'd like to see reconciling in the mobile apps. If you haven't already, submit a Feature Request to let our team know. We keep track of it all—and every request counts!

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      • 28pfds
      • 28pfds
      • 6 mths ago
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      Nicole chiming in with my support for implementing this feature.

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    •  28pfds  The best way to add your voice to the mix is to submit a Feature Request! That goes directly to our design team. 

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