Trouble with never being able to balance account with YNAB

I have attempted several times to balance the amount with YNAB and our checking account and it always gets off very quickly. It's frustrating that I can't use YNAB effectively and the accounts are always coming up with something different. 


Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone figured out a way to be able to balance it all? I for the life of me can't figure out where it goes wrong. It's numbers and should be very easy. 

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  • The key is frequent monitoring. As in daily to every other day. Also, frequent reconciling is your friend. This locks in known correct transactions and balances.

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    • Had this same problem with Quicken, but only when I waited too long to reconcile.  I started seeing every Sunday where things lined up so that if there was a mistake, it was much easier to find.  I plan on doing the same with YNAB.  Sometimes it came down to printing out two transaction lists and checking each off, line by line.

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  • Hi Brian !

    Superbone is right - frequent monitoring is a great preventative measure so that your numbers in YNAB stay in line with your bank account. If you check your account on Monday, and make sure things align, then come Friday, if things don't match up, you only have a few days worth of transactions to investigate.

    If you're using direct import, there will be a delay between when you make your transactions and when they import. If your account is off because of those pending transactions, you can manually enter them or reconcile using only your cleared balance.

    Take a look at our Help Doc on how to reconcile an account and let us know if you still have questions! :)

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