Print out your YNAB transaction list and your actual bank’s transaction list and cross off

Print out your YNAB transaction list and your actual bank’s transaction list and cross off and see which transaction is an outlier and doesn’t belong in YNAB. I printed out my bank statement and put a line through transactions as I checked them off which were accounted for.  There was a discrepancy in the YNAB report. I entered a couple of transactions in YNAB that I  actually paid with another method/cash that should not have been there. I think this was done in error at a time when it was late at night and I was fatiqued. The next day, I couldn't figure out the discrepancy and didn't want to waste too much time searching. So this crossing each one off on my print out works for me.

It was recommended by the support that once my accounts matched,  I should reconcile. This is done by clicking on your account and then click on the Reconcile button in the top right.  Then you'll be asked to confirm your current account balance. As long as it's correct, your account will be reconciled and green lock icons will appear next to your current transactions (as a reference point for all transactions that have been accounted for in that reconciliation. If your account balance didn't match, you'd be given the option to enter a Balance Adjustment to add the difference ( they don't suggest this for big differences) and that is why I like to find the discrepancy on my own.

This manual task of printing and crossing off may be avoided if I stay up to date and record  my transactions as they happen.

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  • How do you print your YNAB transactions for an account?  I have been trying to do that to find an error and am having no luck.  

    • Hi Little Lion !

      If you Export your budget, you can open the file in Excel to see your account transactions and print from there. :)

    • Faness Although this is not the best way to get a list of all transactions for all accounts, I was able to use it to get a list of transactions needed for tax purposes.  I have only been using YNAB for10 months and find it very useful for budgeting purposes even for a senior citizen like me.  However, I can see that the data dump for next year will be huge and it will only get larger as the years go by.  Can you at least provide the ability to set date parameters so I don't have to do a lot of filtering in Excel?

    • Slate Gray Koala I'm happy that helped! Would you mind submitting a Feature Request for the date range idea? Right now, a date range can be selected for Report exports but not the budget exports.

    • Faness Thanks for your response. I submitted the request.

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  • Are there any discounts for senior citizens? We only get paid once a month. It is great that students get a free account. What about reitess? I am 62 y/o - that extra 6.99/a month could be used fora goal.

    • Hi Sea Green Beat !

      Sorry for the delayed response here! Most of our discounts come in the form of extended free trials - students receive a free year, veterans or active military receive an additional 3 months, and there are other promotional offers for more time. If you feel you need a bit more free time to make sure YNAB is right for you, let us know by emailing [email protected]. :)

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