using goal money while saving for it

Lets say I want 6 grand for a vacation and its 6 months away. After 2 months I need to spend $1000 to buy plane tickets.  After I spend that money the goals show me that I need to now save an additional $1000.  Is the best way to handle this to simply adjust the target goal and reduce it by $1000 now?

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  • Yes, you'll need to adjust the goal. There have been many requests over the last few years for a goal type that supports this functionality, but to date, nada.

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    • nolesrule ya that makes sense. I  chatted with a rep too and they suggested doing a monthly funding goal instead. I'll probably go with the monthly way. Thanks though.

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      Matt Ellison The same problem will be present with the Monthly Goal. I’ve found the best way to manage it is, as described above, by adjusting the goal whenever spending from the category occurs. 

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    • QC cool, thanks for the response. Ya i'll play with some options and see . Overall the app has helped so i'll keep trudging forward. 

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