Calculate how much debt am I adding per month?

hey Guys,

I am living on my credit cards in some months and I want to know how much debt am I adding on to my total balances in ynab. What's the best report or best way for me to see this?


I fall off the wagon often so apologies if I am missing something simple here.

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    Hey, bythepower !  There's a great debt tracking/payoff tool that might help you that's free. It's called  , and it adds a good deal of insight into your debt.  It also connects to your YNAB data via the API they released earlier this year.  There's a paid version (a whopping $12)  as well that adds features that I personally find useful, and you can try those premium features free for 30 days. 

    As for how much debt is being added, I don't see a report in YNAB that does that right offhand.  It looks like you have to drill down into each budget category to see debt spending vs cash spending, but I could be missing something. 

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      DnA That sounds right to me also. I think YNAB always will prioritize how much cash you are using (which would be the net worth reduction, perhaps?) not just how much in credit card debt you are adding. If bythepower is overspending on credit cards without enough money to cover it in the corresponding category, it will just tell you how much your net worth is reducing (in the net worth report). 

  • Hi bythepower !

    Have you taken a look at the Income vs Expense report? At the bottom of the report, it gives you an overall net for the month - green for positive and red for negative. If you spent more than you made, that number would indicate by how much. It isn't specifically for tracking new debt, but I thought it might help! :)

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