Getting caught up with changed credit card number


I recently lost a credit card and had to have it replaced with a new number.  I have updated my account and the new transactions have begun to show.  Unfortunately, it took me about 3-4 weeks to make the changes in the ynab app.  Now, I have a balance on the new card but no transactions during the 3-4 weeks of "silence" before the update.  

What is the easiest/most efficient way to import those transactions?  I am trying to avoid doing them one by one but will if I have to.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey,

    Have you already entered all the transactions you did or does it not reflect in YNAB at all? And Do you need to see all the different transactions?

    If not, you could just enter the balance as of right now as starting balance and deduct money from various categories to pay for it. 
    We have roughly 1 week left in September, so you could put 3/4 of you grocerie money to the credit card for example. 

    Or you could add the numbers on your cc statement, so you just have one big transaction for each category. 

    Not exact, but I think its easier then putting them in one by one.


    Hope this helps:)

  • Cornflower Blue Wizard I just dealt with this, but only with a week worth of transactions. See this thread:

  • Thank you.  I had actually reviewed the topic and thought it was only about adding the new card.  Had I read to the very last entry I would have found what I needed.  I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
    I had previously just added the new card.  Instead, I did as you suggested and what do you transactions all imported!  I ended up having a bunch of duplicate transactions but they were easy to go in and delete.

    Again, thanks for you help!

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  • I spoke too soon.

    This partially solved my problem.  It imported the transaction on the most recent statement but failed to import those on the previous statement.

    What is the best way to get these transactions in the app?  An import?

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    • Cornflower Blue Wizard @ I'm having trouble tagging  Faness (YNAB Support) in this thread, but I was able to tag her in the other thread I mentioned. She should be able to help you sort that out.

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    • Cornflower Blue Wizard Were you able to get those other transactions imported? Sometimes, when direct import is disconnected for too long, it can't reach far enough in the past to import all of the missed transactions. When that happens, you can manually enter the transactions or used File-Based Importing to get things back up to speed. 

      Slate Blue Pilot Thanks for trying to tag me here! :)

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