Incident: iOS 13 Update Bug

Hi Everyone!

Our team is aware of issues caused by the iOS 13 update, primarily related to how certain screen text is displayed and wrapping issues in the mobile app. Not exactly how we were hoping to kick off the weekend, how about you?

We understand this can make your budgeting difficult at the moment, and you may want to use our web version in the meantime.

Our developers are hard at work diagnosing and fixing these issues. We appreciate your patience while we work on this!

Here鈥檚 a link to our status page for the latest updates.

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  • Hi All,

    This bug has been resolved with the recent release! 馃帀Please make sure you update to the latest version of the iOS app (2.9.2). 

    We've heard from a few folks that the latest update can be a bit slow to populate in the App Store, so if you're still not seeing version 2.9.2, you may need to pull down to refresh while you're on the updates page in the App Store to get it to show up.

    Thanks for your patience while we got this fixed!

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  • Can any more detail be provided about this than on the status page?  Does this render the iPhone app completely unusable or only parts of the app?  Do we know if the same issue will occur with iOS 13.1 that is scheduled to be released Tuesday 9/24?

    • bobbucy Sorry for the delayed reply here! There is certain text that may not be wrapping correctly,  for example鈥攚hen adding a bank connection, or entering a passcode in the mobile app. And it appears off screen, or cut off.

      Our developers have identified the core issue, and are diligently working on a fix!

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  • FWIW,  I upgraded to iOS 13 and am having no trouble whatsoever with display problems.

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      • bobbucy
      • Tomato_Snow_237e7f17927
      • 1 yr ago
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      JoeDid Interesting.  It would be good to know how widespread the problem actually is and the circumstances under which the error occurs.  I was waiting for 13.1 on Tuesday anyway, but it is hard to know whether to go ahead and do that based on the limited information that has been shared.

      • JoeDid
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      • Purple_rain
      • 1 yr ago
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      bobbucy I understand completely, so I'll share a bit more. I have never worried about upgrading iOS on either iPhone or iPad, If something doesn't work, it will either be fixed shortly or I'll live without it. It's a phone!

      The Mac is a different story, and Catalina is the first upgrade that will cause a problem, and I've been on Macs since the PowerPC iBook in 1999.  I also use Windows: started out that way in the '80s. I got the iBook so I could learn to support my clients, more and more of whom were showing up with Macs.

      YNAB4 is the first and only app I will have trouble with, due to an upgrade.. Other 32-bit apps I use have already been upgraded by the providers. Since YNAB won't be upgraded, I need a workaround. The one I had, CrossOver, recently emailed to say, "Oops! We thought we were ready for Catalina, but we're not. Not yet, but we hope to be by the time Catalina is released."

      Oddly, when I installed Crossover, unbeknownst to me, it set me up with the Windows version of YNAB, and that's what's been working. I knew it looked different, but it didn't register at first. I think, given that, that Windows YNAB4 will continue to work under CrossOver in Catalina, since CrossOver itself is already 64-bit.

      I prefer the Mac version of YNAB4: It's more efficient, responsive, and better looking; but I can live with the Windows version if that's my only option.

      At any rate, for now I'll hold off on upgrading to Catalina until a concrete, reliable solution appears.

  • I upgraded my iPhone 7 and iPad to 13.1 today and the app appears to be working fine on both devices.  Note that I am on the smaller font.  I don't know if the font size is contributing to reported problems, again because YNAB has provided no details of the problem.

  • The overall app works fine on iOS 13. Problem is with the 3rd party dialogs when connecting an account. 

    Needed to reconfirm my connections with Barclays and Kohls and I can only see the middle part of the dialog.  Can't select how I want to receive my code for the TFA as the radio buttons and half the text are off the screen. 


    Hope they fix it soon 

    • Blue Yeti Our developers have nailed down the cause, and are hard at work on a resolution. You can reconnect by logging in to the web app in the meantime!

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  • My YNAB won't even open on my Mac Book Air any more.  No help from the support team.  Has anyone been able to move over to IOS Catalina?  I am getting frustrated.

      • JoeDid
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      • Purple_rain
      • 1 yr ago
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      Tan Mermaid There is no iOS Catalina. Catalina is a macOS for the Mac computers. This topic is about iOS 13, the mobile app for iPhones and iPads.

      You say you can't open YNAB. Do you mean YNAB4? If you upgraded your MacBook Air to Catalina, you won't be able to run YNAB4 without a workaround, where you run a version of an earlier macOS, most likely Mojave, maybe on a separate volume or using a virtual machine.

      If you're talking about the web-based YNAB, not YNAB4, upgrading to Catalina has no effect on that: you should be able to go to the web site and access your budget there.

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  • The problem I'm encountering is that I鈥檓 not able to log into YNAB 210 which is a new installation on my new Apple iPhone 11 pro max.  I do not use a memorized password.  I use a password app for this.  after opening YNAB for first time I鈥檓 presented with the log in screen.  I send YNAB to the background and open my password app and copy password...Back to YNAB and paste password.  As soon as I bring up my keyboard to type in my username YNAB seems to slide down and the button to initiate logging in disappears below the screen and cannot be accessed at all.  YNAB seems to freeze and no amount of swiping (any direction) will bring the login button into view.  App is unusable of course.  Login button is not hidden behind that is below the screen in another world!  The entire app is slides down down the screen including logo.

    YNAB 2.10
    iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iOS 13.2.3


    • Hi Steve Von Pow ! The first tip I have is to double check if you have the iOS Reachability feature enabled (near the bottom of the page) and see if that makes a difference here. Then try, deleting and reinstalling the mobile app.

      If those don't do the trick, would you mind submitting a Bug Report? Our bug squashing team would be happy to look closer at what's going on. 

      • Von Pow
      • Tan_Drum.2
      • 10 mths ago
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      鈥楾hanks for your help!  The issue was not related to 鈥榬each ability鈥 as this was on by default on my phone.  Seemed to be more related to clearing the cache on my phone and reinstalling YNAB.  Had to do this a couple of times for some reason, but I鈥檓 logged into the app now.

      Thanks again,


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    • Von Pow  Glad to hear you're back in the app, Steve! Thanks for letting me know.

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