QFX/OFX Import seems to assign incorrect transaction dates

I have an online banking account that doesn't support Direct Import, and historically I've been able to export a QFX file with all transactions and import it to YNAB manually without any real issues-- I believe the last time I did so was early August 2018 .


When I tried to repeat the operation this evening, I noticed YNAB attempted to create a number of transactions that were duplicates of those I'd already imported to the app.  After looking a bit more closely, it seemed as if the duplicates were occurring because YNAB was incorrectly parsing the dates in the QFX file-- a timestamp of 20180731215852 was being recognized as 07/03/2018.  The same issue seems to be occurring with OFX-formatted imports as well.

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  • Hi Slate Gray Koala !

    Sorry for the delay here! When using File Based Importing, there should be an option to select the date format to prevent that incorrect parsing. Were the duplicates you mentioned importing as 07/03/2018 and again as 07/31/2018, or is there another pattern we're missing?

    A screenshot of what you're seeing on your end would be a great help! We'll get this figured out! :)

  • Hey Faness , no need to apologize-- I appreciate the support!


    I've attached a screenshot of what the file-based import staging area looks like to me after selecting my QFX file.  The only two date-related options I'm seeing are the option to import transactions dated prior to the account start (no impact in terms of the date issue I'm experiencing) and the option to adjust transactions to local time (which does seem to move the transactions back one day, i.e. 9/3/18 -> 9/2/18).  I don't see any options to select the date format itself, not sure if I'm just looking in the wrong spot.


    To clarify the specific pattern I'm encountering, most of these transactions should be aligned to the last day of the month.  In the past when I'd run a file import they were created as expected (and already-imported transactions would match automatically).  This was how I imported everything in the account through the 7/31 inflow; I've since manually added three transactions to avoid the import issue dated 9/30, 8/31, and 8/30. 


    It seems to be this most recent import where the date parsing has gotten messed up-- because the dates are being incorrectly interpreted as the 3rd instead of the 31st (or similar situations involving the first digit of the day) all of those previously imported transactions now have duplicates.  It seems like this is happening because the "new" transaction is on a different date and no longer matches to what was previously imported.

    • Slate Gray Koala Thank you for clarifying! That's all very helpful information, but definitely still a strange occurrence! If you open the QFX file outside of YNAB, are you seeing anything different? This will let us know if the issue is from how the bank is formatting the file, or with how the import is reading it. If you aren't sure, let me know and I can reach out via email to take a look at that file! :)

  • Sure thing!  I tried opening the QFX file in Notepad to check the formatting and nothing looked particularly out of place; the sample timestamp of "20180731215852" seemed to reflect a "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS" format.


    I still have some older QFX files I'd previously imported successfully (pre-August) in my Downloads folder, so I tried to import some of those a second time and those dates were incorrectly parsed this time around.  That leads me to think it's an import issue rather than a problem with the bank's formatting, but I'm happy to provide an example over email for your testing purposes!

    • Slate Gray Koala That would be great! I'll send you an email and we can go from there! :)

  • Hi Slate Gray Koala ,

    I'm writing to follow-up on this issue and let you know that we released a fix this week for the underlying issue you ran into on this one! 🎉

    Thanks so much for helping us identify what was happening here – we really appreciate it. :-)

    Happy budgeting!


  • Thank you, Elena and Faness; I really appreciate the support the YNAB team provided!  🙂,

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