automatic categorization and bulk categorization

as you can see in my screen shot, I take uber and eat in the amazon cafeteria.  How do I configure YNAB to automatically categorize them?  I do not want to manually categorize every transaction.

I have read the help sections but they do not solve my problem



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  • The first time you edit and accept a transaction, YNAB will attempt to guess the payee and category the next time a transaction to/from that payee downloads. Usually it does a pretty good job, and you can help it out by editing the Renaming Rules under Manage Payees (in the drop-down in the upper left of the web interface).

    You'll still need to edit all of these transactions, however; I'm pretty sureYNAB will only apply what it learn to future downloads.

    Also, YNAB will work better if you enter transactions manually as you incur them (perhaps using the smartphone app?) and then match them when they later download. The lag time between incurring a transaction, when it clears your bank, and when it's successfully downloaded by YNAB can be long enough to mess up your budget.

  • Thanks - that functionality is not categorizing multiple transactions for me

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      Purple Cyborg It won't. You need to categorize and approve all of the transactions in the screenshot. Then NEXT time you have transactions download from the bank, they will PROBABLY be renamed and categorized automatically. It's still best to enter transactions as you incur them, however.

  • If your talking about split transactions then no. YNAB doesn't handle those very well.

    Matching imports to already entered transactions does depend one time. once a transaction is date you enter is more then ten days ( I think it is ten days) different from the bank posting date they won't match automatically, you will have to match them on your own.

  • Hi Purple Cyborg !

    Once you select a category for a transaction, YNAB remembers the category for that Payee. When new transactions import with the same payee, YNAB will automatically apply the category learned from the last transaction. However, since these transactions have similar payees that aren't exactly the same, I'd suggest creating a Renaming Rule for them. The Payee Management feature will allow you to create an automatic rule for future transactions. You can enter one for "Contains: Help.Uber" or "Contains: Amazon NYCCAFE" to help with the transactions you listed.

    For the transactions that have already been entered, you can select all the Amazon ones at the same time, then click Edit, then Categorize As, and categorize them in bulk. :)

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