Did I accidentally start the trial?

I've been a YNAB user since 2006 and used to have an account on the old forum. I wanted to ask a question and it said I needed to sign up again. So I did. But when I clicked on the link in the email, it went straight to the YNAB web interface, not the forum.

So did I accidentally trigger the 30-day free trial of YNAB? I didn't want to do that yet - just wanted to ask a question.

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  • Hi Lyle Kopnicky !

    I took a look and you did start a trial of the online version of YNAB. In order to post on the new forum (this forum), you have to have a YNAB account - which is why it prompted you to sign up. If you're not ready to start your trial, no worries! You can let us know once you are and we can restart it at that point.

    If you were looking for the old YNAB 4 forum, click here. :)

  • Ah, thanks for the explanation, Faness. I was not clear that asking questions on this forum would start the new YNAB account. However, I have now decided to go ahead with trying the new YNAB and have imported my accounts, so no need to cancel.

    • Lyle Kopnicky We're happy to have your aboard the new YNAB! :)

      If you have any questions as you dive into your trial, please don't hesitate to ask!

  • Faness it appears I did the same thing.  I was indeed looking for the old support forums and ended up here, with a YNAB trails started.  I'm still a YNAB 4 user and haven't decided whether to make the switch yet.  Could you please suspend or delete my trial account until we make a decision?  Thanks.

    • Hi MTRing !

      Since you signed up through the YNAB website, you don't have to cancel - at the end of your trial, you won't be charged. If you decide you'd like to give the web version a try at a later date, just send us an email at that time and we can reset your trial. :)

      If you’d like, you can delete your YNAB account – which will permanently delete all your budget data. To do that, log in and click your email address in the lower left-hand corner. Select "My Account” from the menu that pops up (If your trial has expired, click on “Back to Settings”). Scroll to the bottom of your Account Settings, and you'll see the option to delete your account.

      If you delete your account and then decide to give YNAB another try in the future, you’ll automatically get a brand new 34-day trial. :)

  • Thanks Faness, Jason over at the help desk fixed me up already.  

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