Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is movement start in Australia that encourages people to choose to refuse single-use plastics for the entire month. You can join me and find more info here: 

I'm posing this here for two reasons.

1) I want to hold my self accountable without annoying my friends and family by posting all the time on social media (although I probably will a little!) and I figured other YNABers might join me on this thread. 

2) I think this will help my budget! Don't have my reusable coffee mug or cup ... no afternoon Starbucks I don't need. Take out meal or snacks in plastic ... maybe not! (as I type this maybe it'll help my waistline too!)

I'll post here on how easy or hard this really is. I think I'm already pretty good and bringing reusable bags, etc., but I know I can do more. Maybe you'll join me?

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  • I just went to the link you provided and took the Plastic Quiz! I'd love to see where I fall when the results are in.

    I would love to join you. I'm pretty good about not using much plastic. Stopped buying bottled water, take a reusable lunch bag every day that doesn't have anything wrapped in plastic, always have reusable grocery bags in my car. I don't buy coffee out, so that's not an issue for me. One of the things that bugs me to death is that my condo building does not recycle! How could that be in this day and age? I can't believe that's legal in Chicago. 

    The one thing I probably can't (wont?) do is not use plastic bags to line my kitchen garbage pail. Are there bags made out of non plastic for this?

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    • KnitPurlKnit My condo building's recycling dumpster is always full, but at least we have one! That's crazy!

      I usually use the random target or Walgreens bags I get when I forget to line my garbage and I agree you need plastic there usually! I did just buy bags from Grove that are at least recycled. It's probably not that great, but makes me feel better. I get some of my natural cleaning supplies from Grove ( .... if anyone uses this link it get's me a $10 referral and you a free gift, fyi 馃槈)

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      KnitPurlKnit You can buy bags which decompose - we get them in the UK to put food waste in for recycling. They look and feel plastic-ish (and don't leak) but they aren't plastic and they do rot down.

      Search on compostable or biodegradable bags.

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    • lindsay_g Thanks! Will check that out.

  • ChicagoFlyer Thanks for posting this - I love this idea! Thinking about going a month without using plastic, made me realize just how much plastic I use. This is a great way to reel in that usage. I'm going to take another look at the link you shared and see if I stand a change here. 

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