Splitwise + YNAB via Zapier?


I'd love to have all my splitwise transactions in ynab but from what I understand there are no good automated solutions for it so far.

I noticed that ynab + zapier solution was announced recently.  Zapier also seems to support splitwise. I started setting it up but found it to be a bit complex/tedious.

I am wondering if YNAB can officially create a zap for this.

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  • You can make your own. I don’t use Splitwise so I can’t test it, but you can set up a transaction when a Splitwise entry is made.

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  • Hi Forest Green Falafel ,

    Thanks so much for reaching out! The best way to set up a Zap is to do it yourself, like Tomato Tamale  mentioned. This allows you to customize the Zap to bring in the information and create the output exactly how you'd like. 

    If you're running into any issues with the process or getting stuck at all, let us know what's going on and we'd be happy to help! 

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  • Thanks for the quick reply. 

    The reason I asked for a sample zap is because there are bunch of complications that the zap needs to handle. For example, it needs to look at both payers and payees and figure out the amount that I actually paid and what I owed. 

    I did try creating it and made some progress but haven't gotten it working properly yet.  I am not familiar enough with the zapier platform, in particular I am not sure if it's flexible enough to let me do the above. 

    If I can get some help with this then would be great. Otherwise I'll try few more things later. 


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  • I'm having the same kind of issue. The best I was able to do is create a YNAB transaction that has the list of amounts as a memo, so that I can edit the transaction in YNAB when approving it, find the right amount in the note and input it as inflow or outflow manually. Far from ideal.

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