How to refresh "linked" accounts?

Its Wednesday morning.  I still do not see transactions which have cleared from Monday to approve them.


Is there a way to tell YNAB to "go get the transactions?"



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  • There isn't a way to force it. It should happen early in the morning, and then again about 8-ishg hours later.

    What is the date on your starting balance? YNAB won't pull transactions before that date.

    Are the transactions actually cleared on your bank side, or are they pending transactions. Pending transactions won't import either.

    If it isn't any of those things, there could be an issue, but support would need to look into it.

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  • Hi Cyan Wizard !

    Tobias is exactly right. If none of those reasons are the cause, let's try troubleshooting that account.

    Since you have transactions you know have cleared your bank over 24 hours ago, but they are not available to import, try following these steps to remove the connection and re-link the account. If you have other accounts associated with that connection, be sure to reconnect those, too!

    Give it a day or two and see if you're able to import new transactions. If transactions still aren’t importing, let us know so we can work with our Direct Import partner to figure out what’s going on! :)

  • They all showed up today (like my transactions which cleared Monday/Tuesday).  It's WellsFargo so I don't imagine I'd be the only one.


    I'll write it off to a glitch but will watch it if it happens again I'll bring it up.


    Thanks all!!!

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  • Same here!  

    • Hi Jennifer Green !

      Are you still having trouble with your accounts, or do you mean transactions imported today? Let me know if you're still having trouble, and with which account, and we can take a closer look at things! :)

    • Faness  Still having problems.  My last import was 8/9. I have  unlinked and linked again my bank account to no avail. 

    • Jennifer Green I hope you don't mind me stepping in here. Unlinking and relinking is a little different than removing and re-adding. Are those the steps you tried?

      Can you tell me the name of the financial institution, and account that’s giving you trouble?

    • Nicole I have a ticket open with Renae.  I have included details and screenshots.

    • Jennifer Green Perfect! Thank you for those details. I sent a reply to your email!

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