Merging Duplicate Credit Card Accounts

Is there a way to merge credit card accounts (in this case it is the same card/account)?

Backstory- I had a balance on my Target red card when I started using YNAB and paid it off after a  few months. Six or so months passed and I decided to start paying for all of my Target purchases using this card (to get the 5% off). I created a new account for the same card and it was fine at first. At some point the last payment from paying off the debt on the card ended up in the new account (I have no idea why/how this happened). Long story short- it's making my current budget look off when I move the payment to the correct account, even though it isn't. It seems like the easiest path forward would be to combine the two into one if that is possible. I can't figure out how to do it without creating a bigger mess. Can anyone help me?

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    You can do this, although I've not tried it on a large scale, just a few records at a time.

    1. Open the credit card account that you want to merge from the lefthand menu (I'll call it the "old" Target card).
    2. Using  the checkbox, select all those records, then from the "Edit" dropdown menu choose "Move Account".
    3. Then choose the "new" Target account name to merge those records into. 
    4. If something goes wrong, use the "undo" option to reverse the change you made, and then try it again.
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  • If you move the last payment to the correct account, you would also have to move funds from the (now-larger) payment category in the budget.

    Or you can move all transactions, reallocate the entirety of the Payment category, and delete the new  (and now empty) account.

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