negative budget amount in credit card payment category

Can anyone tell me how to fix a negative budget amount in my credit card line?  When the month rolled over there was a budget amount in orange on my credit card line.  I had set a goal to pay it off and I guess there were other transactions in there from last month.  I didnt budget anything this month because that amount is there to be paid and I can't afford any more right now.  I moved some of the available to be paid against that card because I needed it in a category I had overspent.  When I moved the amount it changed the budget on the credit card line to a negative, and when I tried to make it zero, it changed the available to be budgeted to negative.  So I went back and put the negative amount back on the budget line for the credit card because I don't want to mess things up more. ( My available to be budgeted is zero because I already gave every dollar a job.  ) What does this mean and how can I fix it?  Any suggestions appreciated! 

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  • The Budgeted column tells you how much money you've added or removed from the category via Budgeting in the current month. So if you hadn't budgeted any money this month then it would show ZERO and then removed some money to use in a different category, it will have a negative number in the Budgeted column.

  • Thanks, that makes sense, but I'm still confused.  I did watch all the workshops but credit cards and month end roll overs still cause some problems for me.  Is there a way to fix it?  There is money available to be paid against the credit card, even tho I didn't budget it in this month.  I need that money for other categories this week.  If I leave the negative amount will it effect anything?  Do I go back to last month and adjust something? 

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      Orange Mask A negative amount in the budgeted column isn't a problem, and it doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It just means you took more money out of that envelope this month than you put in. The column that matters is the Available column. If that one goes red, you need to fix it right away.

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  • Ok thanks! I thought it might offset something else or mess up next month somehow.

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