Negative amounts, next paycheck is next month

New to YNAB....


When we we get paid on April 5th, do we fund the March categories shown as negative? What’s the YNAB way?


Due to bill and paycheck timing, a few of our March categories have negative amounts (credit card float). We get paid the first week of April. Do we go back into March and cover the deficits, or just let them roll into April?


These charges would not be due until the *next* credit card cycle. 


Thank you!

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  • You can only budget the money you have, the rest of the categories you must set up goals for. Goals ) what we plan to spend when we have the money to do so. And then when the money arrives you allocate them to those categories that are due next. This way you can only out the money you actually have into the envelopes and only spent what you have. For the future money you have a goal and a plan.


    For me the best start was watching Nick True YNAB for beginners (youtube), that's when the penny dropped for me.

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  • If you have credit card overspending in March & don't get the money until April, you will budget money to the credit card available category to cover it (you are repaying credit card debt)

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  • adriana01 that makes sense. So when March rolls around we just leave the negative categories in March, and ultimately resolve them by adding the new paycheck money directly to the credit card column. Right?


    Coral Pony thank you. We are overspent due to timing. It is on a credit card which we will pay off in full. Just trying to figure out what to do with the categories for this overspent month, when our new paycheck arrives next month. 

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      Steve Coffee yes, you've got it!

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