Any thought to a YNAB budgeting add-in for QBO?

My wife's business is being run through Quickbooks Online, and unfortunately we're not actively managing it to a budget at this point. The budget stuff built into QBO is terrible. I have thought about using YNAB for the business budget, but that means (as far as I can tell) that I have to maintain two systems with all the same transactions and info to make it work. I really don't want to do that. 

I think the best way to have my cake and eat it, too, would be for YNAB to make a budgeting add-in for QBO. Has anyone put any thought into that?

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  • Hi Shane! I'd love to see something like this, or a way to port data from one system to the other. As a bookkeeper and financial coach, I currently use both systems for my clients. Either QBO or Xero and then YNAB. It's not too hard to maintain both systems, since each is used for different things and gives you a different perspective. With the direct import for both YNAB and QBO/Xero, it's pretty simple! 

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  • Rebekah,

    Do you mean that you can categorize all the transactions in one tool and then import those categorizations into the other? Or did you mean that both have the ability for you to directly import transactions from your bank?



    • John Crowley you would have to categorize them separately in both ynab and qbo. I doubt ynab would bother with a formal integration but using the apis someone could create a third party sync tool for ynab and qbo.

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    • John Crowley Hi John! I meant that I can import transactions from the bank into both YNAB and QBO. Once they are categorized in one platform, the second one is easier to do since decisions have already been made. :-) 

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