Orders From Online Stores--How Do You Handle Them?

Morning all,

Just spent 10 minutes updating my register, the reason is that Amazon, E-Bay and AutoZone charged as they shipped rather than for the whole amounts. The separate orders were ordered the same day, all shipped that day, per merchant. However since they shipped from separate locations they charged per package.

How do you handle things like this? I had entered the Amazon and E-Bay orders as splits as I had several categories each in the orders. As I see it I could.

  1. Leave the entry in my register as originally entered. When import happens manually clear and then delete the banks transactions. 
  2. Change as the order charged.
  3. Make no entry into my register and then as it hits my bank import the transactions.

Each seems right in some ways, but none of the options makes me totally comfortable. Does anyone have a different way of doing it?

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  • Yeah, this sure is annoying.

    I do 2. I want to know that money is spent, but also have my YNAB register accurately reflect my bank transactions. I don't think 1 is a good idea, because often Amazon ships and charges an order on different days, even if you ask them to batch your order to save on shipping. If it's a split transaction, I end up reassigning the categories to the specific transactions.  I don't think there's really any way around this unless the big guys start charging differently.

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  • I don't do any import at all. I manually enter a single transaction at the time of the orde and wait for all pieces to show as cleared on my credit card before clearing in YNAB.

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