POSTing split transactions

Do you have an example of creating a new transaction that is split? I've tried several things through the API, but nothing seems to work. Is this supported? If not, do you have a timeline for it? If it is supported, can we have an example json that works? Thanks!

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  • Hey Robert ! For right now, adding split transactions through the API isn't supported ( ), but I added it to our list of feature requests!

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    • Robert
    • robertmiles3
    • 5 mths ago
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    Is there an ETA on when split transaction support will be added to the API? It's been about 6 weeks so was just wondering. I'm waiting on this for a few use cases.

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    • Robert We don't have an ETA for this but it's still on the list!

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  • I would love this feature! I hope it comes soon!

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  • +1 to this feature -- my use case would be for divvying my paystub up. My current workflow is to take my direct deposit transaction and manually split earnings, deductions, taxes, etc. I've written a Python script to scrape the paystub PDF and grab all that information. If I could PATCH an existing transaction to split it automatically, then I could automate this completely!

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  • Hi. Another +1 for this feature. The multi-currency add-on would need this to convert the amount of subtransactions.

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  • How can anyone budget without splitting transactions - balancing with checking account is a mess without this feature:(

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  • Another vote for this feature.  Basically every use for the API that I have involves split transactions.

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  • I would also like to be able to patch in split transactions.

    What I want to be able to do, is set aside tax on income transactions in a verifiable manner.

    In YNAB4, I used to set a month-category note detailing the transactions that allocation covered. YNAB online doesn't seem to have per-month category notes anymore.

    The best way I can think of doing this now is adding a split category on income transactions between my tax category and the To be Budgeted category. I would much prefer to be able to do this via the API rather than a lot of clicking and work with calc.

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