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As we move move to a more mobile world, the traditional desktop computer gets used less and less. I suspect it has something do with how many of us now work on a computer. When we get home, we do not want to set on the computer some more, as such mobile devices now account for more than 50% of all web traffic. ( )


I do do as much as possible on a mobile device (iPhone or iPad) these days before busting out a traditional computer to avoid the feeling of working at home as mentioned above. One of the tasks that I constantly find myself having to lug a laptop out and wait for it to turn on is so I can reconcile my accounts in YNAB. This is cumbersome as sometimes it’s literally the only reason I’m turning on the computer is to click a box and click another one since I have already entered and cleared my transactions in the app. Now I know I can visit on a mobile browser, but I’m prompted to switch to the app. If I ignore that and have my browser request a desktop website, I can reconcile there, but the website is not meant for a screen that small. There is a lot of scrolling and zooming involved after that. It’s not an easy site to use on a mobile browser.


For those reasons I’d like to submit a feature request to allow account reconciliation from the app.  It’s the only feature that I feel is missing before truly being able to budget on the go. 

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  • Here's the link to fill out a feature request (the link is located on the right side of the screen on the support page):

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  • Hi KC !

    Thanks for sharing! The link Jenmas provided is the best way to submit a feature request. We understand reconciling is an important feature and we hope to one day have the app be completely functional! :)

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  • I would like to see this included as well. I'm ready to go all in on mobile budgeting!

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      JD42 I'm guessing then we all summit the same request.  It sounds silly to me, but seems to be the only way to vote, drive up the requests. 

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  • Website on iPad won’t even let you manipulate budget....keeps giving me the “use iPad app” screen. 😡

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    • Gray Moose Thanks for reaching out about this! We've looked into the functionality of allowing access to the web app on mobile devices and found that, right now, there's no simple way to allow that. You can always submit a Feature Request to let us know what you're looking for there. 

  • Can you give us a timeframe for an iPad update that allows reconcile? It’s almost unusable without it. 

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