New Apple Shortcuts for Siri

Is anybody starting to use the Shortcuts app? I'd love to develop a shortcut or two for YNAB but I'm new to the process and would love some help getting started.

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  • Actually, I guess my first question is whether YNAB supports the new iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts. I have a hunch maybe it does not....

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  • I set up a relatively simple shortcut to display or have Siri tell me a category balance.  You have to have a key, your budget ID and category ID to make it work but if you’d like to look at it here’s my shortcut:


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  • While there does not seem to be direct support for shortcuts, there are APIs that you can use.  I am working on a way to use voice to enter transactions.  I am still in the early stages and can use any help someone smarter than me wants to give.  

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    • MatthewEGreen I don’t presume to be smarter than you (and I have only a little bit of experience with scripting) but I’d love to collaborate with you. Why don’t you shoot me an e-mail at and we can discuss Siri and/or Alexa voice control of YNAB.

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  • Here's a shortcut I made to add transactions. It's quite cumbersome due to Shortcuts limitations but it's a decent POC. 


    It uses the Speak Text and Dictate Text actions which are wonky over car bluetooth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    • Byte Prime  This is really nice - WELL DONE.  It would be great if YNAB would jump on this and refine it.  For the moment, I am using it with no issues.  

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  • Yes, this is super-cool and an excellent beginning or basis for many future Siri Shortcuts for YNAB! Great job.

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