Income not showing in TBB

I've been using ynab since January and have a pretty solid understanding of the system, but today I'm baffled.


Today is my payday. At 11:59 last night, I had $0 in TBB this and all future months. In other words, everything assigned a function and no future negatives.


My pay goes into two accounts (I know that's not simplifying, but one gives way higher interest than my day-to-day local bank account). My accounts are linked to ynab, and the savings account updates quickly, so the transaction on $250 was already imported and shown on my "to be approved" list, showing "inflow, tbb" as the category. I approved it.


I also manually entered the amount going into my checking account (let's say $500 to keep numbers simple) since it was still pending in the account so not synched automatically.


Here's the problem - my TBB only shows $500 available.


I manually checked every category to make sure I hadn't somehow overspent (over assigned)  without realizing it, nope. I went through every category for the available future months and other than $5 I knew I'd already assigned from my last income, all future categories show $0 assigned.


I'm at a complete loss to figure out what happened to this money in my budget. It seems unlikely it just disappeared (boy does it *feel* like that some days 馃槀), but I've hit a wall in where else I can look to figure out what happened.


I'm using the Android app. 

Is there something really obvious I'm missing??

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  • What happens if you delete the uncleared transaction for "$500"? Does TBB show $0 or some other amount? 

    Have you tried searching your All Accounts sections for transactions in the same amount (i.e. $250 or "$500") to see if something is conflicting? 

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  • Hi Heather is not Sea Green !


    Oh gosh, I can totally relate to the:

    It seems unlikely it just disappeared (boy does it *feel* like that some days 馃槀),

    It definitely does feel like that some days. 馃槅


    I'm wondering, is it possible that you already budgeted the $250?  If you were on the web app and you deleted the $250 inflow transaction, does your TBB now show an over budgeted -$250? I suggest using the web app, because then you can just undo the deletion of the $250 transaction (or, you can just re-add it, if you're only using your Android).

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  • I should have mentioned, I deleted and manually re-entered the $250 transaction to test, and when deleted, the TBB amount decreased by $250. (And deleting both transactions brought me to negative $250.)

    But before the transaction went in, TBB was zero (including in the future), so I don't see how I could have already assigned those $250 somehow without realizing it (plus, like I said, I manually checked all the budget activity for this month and the remaining in 2018 - as far in the future as I can go on the app - and no category had been assigned it. A few had smaller amounts this month due to moving funds between categories, but since I'm paid biweekly, this would have been the first substantial in October. I haven't assigned the TBB amount from the other account yet until I figure out what happened. It's so strange.

  • Okay - I can't figure out WHY/HOW this happened, but I see a glitch using the website

    When I go to the account where the $250 transaction occurred, as explained above, it shows up, it was automatically imported, and marked as cleared. 

    But when I pull up "All Accounts" that transaction isn't listed at all.  In fact, that ACCOUNT isn't shown at all (I was confused because my last transaction for that account was a transfer from it to my checking account. So, I see the transfer as income, but not the transfer OUT of the savings account).

    Can an account somehow be removed from the "All Accounts" report? (It's not a "Tracking" account, it's listed among my other usual bank accounts)

    • Heather is not Sea Green 

      Okay - nevermind that, just realized I had the filters set up to now show reconciled transactions, when I'd reconciled the account already today. 馃檮

      I think I need to just sleep on this one :)

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      Heather is not Sea Green Ah, I'm sorry that got ya! But I'm glad you got it sorted. 馃槉


      As for the disappearing $250 on the budget side of things, did sleep help find out what happened there? 


      If not, let's have you run some calculations to make sure that every dollar in your bank account(s) is reflected in your budget 鈥 and not a dollar more.

      1. Advance to next month's budget. (The math is easier there, because all overspending is covered.)

      2. In the right sidebar, when no categories are selected, you鈥檒l see your Total Available amount, which is the sum of the Available column.

      3. Add that to the amount you have left To be Budgeted and any amount Budgeted in Future, if applicable.

      Let鈥檚 stop here for a minute, just in case your To be Budgeted was negative. If it is, you would need to subtract it from Total Available, because that means you鈥檝e given jobs to dollars you don鈥檛 yet have. Preferably though, you would go back to this month鈥檚 budget and budget less in a few categories until To be Budgeted is back in the green at $0.

       4. Now, add up the cash in your accounts. That includes checking, savings, and cash accounts, plus any positive balances on credit cards if applicable.

      5. Your totals in step 3 and 4 should match, to the penny.


      Now, if you鈥檇 like any dollars to be in a different category, you can confidently move money. :)

    • Jannelle Thank you! Sleep did not help, but that all balanced out following those instructions, so I'm giving up trying to understand and just moving forward. 炉\_(銉)_/炉

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