Transactions are importing as inflow instead of outflow

HSBC Bank, HSBC Premier CC.  

Transactions are coming in backwards. Charges are registering as inflow and credits as outflow.  

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  • Hey King ,

    I'm sorry you've run into that! Are you using our File Based Importing feature for those accounts?

    With File Based Importing, typically, if inflows/outflows are reversed, it means there is an issue with the bank's file format. If you download a file from the bank, do you see negative symbols "-" in front of your inflows and/or no negative symbol in front of your outflows?

    If the negative symbols are used incorrectly, you'll need to reach out to your bank about that. If you’re using File Based Import, the only other way around it at this time is to edit the file (add/remove the negative symbols) before you import it into YNAB.

    If you'd like, you can send your bank file over to us at and we can also take a look.


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      • Ben
      • Toolkit for YNAB Designer & Developer
      • furiousfalcon
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Elena at YNAB (That screenshot shows that they are using direct import, FYI.)

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  • Hey  King , it looks like we'll need to reach out to our direct import partner to see what's changed between 12/3 and 12/4, as it appears that's when things began to switch from outflow to inflow. 

    If you haven't already, would you mind emailing us at so we can get a Direct Import expert to get this worked out for you?

    Thanks again for reporting it!! And thanks Ben for the clarification!

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  • Hey  King , judging from your conversation with Sarah through our email support, we believe there's a resolution to this! Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't get a chance to check!!

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  • Hey  Dan at YNAB ,   I think we might have a timing issue.  My support with Sarah confirms the resolution of the Direct Import issue, which is that HSBC direct import wasn't working at all due to connection issues.  Now it's working.  

    You asked what changed between 12/3 and 12/4 and I think what changed is them fixing the direct import.  

    If I had to guess, I would think that the resolution of my direct import connection issue is what cause the inflow/outflow issue.  

    So I am thinking there is still a problem.  

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    • King Thanks again! You might be right. I'll ping our team and see what they can find out for you!!

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  • Hi King !

    Since this issue is in the hands of our support team, I'm going to mark this thread as answered. However, if you want to discuss things here you still can! Just mention us in your comment and we'll check in! :)

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  • Hi, would there be a way to edit multiple transactions to turn them from being Inflow to Outflow?

    I've been doing it one by one separatedly and is time consuming.

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    • Hi Cadet Blue Cyborg !

      Were you ever able to get things ironed out? I saw you wrote into support via email, but I'm not seeing where things were resolved. There isn't a way to edit multiple transactions at once to swap inflow and outflow, but we want to prevent that from happening if possible. Are you still seeing that happen in your budget?

      If so, let me know which bank and we'll go from there! :)

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  • I am having this issue as well. It just started doing it. I did a return the other day on the mobile app. Not sure if that is causing imports from my bank to switch over or something.

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    • Hi Eloth !

      Sorry for the trouble here! Are you still seeing reversed transactions in your accounts? If so, can you let me know which bank is giving you trouble? 

      We'll get things figured out! :)

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  • I just noticed this issue as well. It looks like it started around May 21st. I am using direct bank import.

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    • Hi Turquoise Mask !

      Can you tell me which bank those reversed transactions are appearing in? Any extra details you can add in here would be a great help! :)

      We'll get this figured out!

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  • Hey Faness I am having the same problem. I just signed up and added a US HSBC credit card with direct bank connection, and it showed the amount I owed on the credit card as an inflow. I corrected by editing but obviously cannot use direct connection if it will continue to get the sign wrong. 

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      • Jannelle
      • jannelle_ynabsupport
      • 1 yr ago
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      Hi Orange Mill ! 

      Faness is out today, but I'd love to jump in and help! To keep things simple, I'm going to reach out from . I'll need a few examples of those transactions, etc. and I'm sure you'd rather keep those off the forum. 😉

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  • Hi YNAB Support team,

    I am having this issue with my Transamerica - Retirement account - didn't think to check the forum for others experiencing this issue until today, even though it has been an issue since I started using YNAB near the end of May. I have always manually swapped which column the money is listed in for this account and actually made it part of the way through a list of ~60 transactions dated July 31st before I found this thread. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

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    • Hi Samantha !

      I sent you a quick email so we can gather a bit more information. Once we have that, we can get our Direct Import partner to take a closer look at things! :)

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  • Hi YNAB - 

    Same problem here with spending showing up as inflow on my CC. I'm using Wings Financial Credit Union with direct import. The balance is correct, but every new transaction from Amazon or whatever comes in as a credit before I switch it manually.


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    • Hi Lavender Trumpet !

      Sorry for the delay here! I just sent you a quick email so we can get a few examples of the swapped transactions you're seeing. Once we have that, we can put our Direct Import partner on the case! :)

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  • Hello YNAB

    This issue is occurring for one of my accounts in particular (fidelity). Contributions are shown as outflow and fees are shown as inflow. 

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    • Hi Powder Blue Tape !

      I just sent you an email so we can take a closer look at what's going on! :)

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  • I am also having the same issue with a Fidelity account. Contributions are shown as outflow and fees are shown as inflow

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    • Hi Scuba Diver 86 !

      Typically, if inflows/outflows are reversed, it means there is an issue with the bank's file format. If you download a file from the bank, do you see negative symbols "-" in front of your inflows and/or no negative symbol in front of your outflows?

      If the negative symbols are used incorrectly, you'll need to reach out to your bank about that. If they're showing correctly in your bank file, but still importing incorrectly in your account, we can ask our Direct Import partner to investigate! :)

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    • Faness I can confirm the same behavior in direct import. Contributions are showing as outflows, fees are being shown as inflows. I have to manually edit each transaction to reverse the polarity, so to speak.

      Also, one of the transactions from each set is missing its payee field, and the memo field value takes its place.

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    • Navy Blue Mixer Faness Also, to be specific, this is happening from my Fidelity 401(k) account.

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    • Navy Blue Mixer Sorry for the trouble!

      For many investment and loan accounts, our Direct Import partner isn't able to properly parse the transactions. That means most YNABers find they need to update their accounts as their balance changes even after connecting successfully.

      We're looking to make improvements there, of course, but you may not find it worth setting up that Direct Import connection at this time — especially since investment and loan account balances are typically Tracking accounts (with very little daily activity), which don't affect your budget.

      Scheduled Transfers from Checking for the contribution is an easy way to keep track of those transactions. Updating the balances like this is quick and easy!

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