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I find getting started a bit confusing.   

 I suppose you review your spending for the month prior to determine amounts for variable budget categories such as food, gas, utilities, etc?   Why doesn't it matter if you start on the 17th of a month or the first?  Or does it?


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  • You can. But I found it more useful to realize right away it actually didn't matter what I felt like I "should" spend. What mattered was what I could spend. Look at the money you have. Budget first for the things that are non-negotiable. Then decide, of what's left, how much to set aside for each of the things that are negotiable. And you can do this at any point in the month, which is why it doesn't matter when you start. 

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    • WordTenor Thanks!

  • Hi Cyan Violin !

    When you have a moment, read our How To Create a Budget Template blog post or take a look at the Create a Budget Template Workshop. Both will teach you how to use scheduled transactions and goals to outline priorities and plan for those expenses! 

    I think that'll help explain how to plan out those variable (but regular) expenses and why the start date doesn't hold much weight. :)

    • Faness at YNAB Thanks, I did sign on for the webinar!  

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