Adding money to your "budgeted" amounts on mobile

I love the way I can click into a budgeted category on my desktop and type like, "$200 +50" to bring my total up to $250. Is there a way to do that on the mobile app? Sometimes I have weird amounts, like $157.56 and I want to add $14.32 to it, and it's hard to do the mental math to update my budget. 

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  • Hi Raynuuu !

    The in-line calculation feature in the web app is one of my favorites! It definitely makes adding to (or subtracting from) your categories a breeze!

    Currently, this feature isn't available in the mobile app, but I sent a note along to our development team letting them know you'd like to see it added! For now, a bit of math is required when changing those budgeted amounts. I keep the calculator app on my phone handy, just in case :)

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  • I'd like to see this on the mobile apps as well. It's the one thing that I constantly wish for each month.

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  • I love it too, and I get around it in the app by swiping right in my sub-category, and then I can move money from TBB to the category I chose. Did that make sense?

    • starlady09 That's a great tip! How did you find out you could swipe a category? Are there other hidden feature? 

  • I also inquired about this important feature but, as a work around I use the split screen view on my phone (Samsung Note 8) another awesome product  and paired the YNAB APP and calculator so when I open YNAB my calculator automatically opens to.  

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