Unscheduling "scheduled" transactions?

I have some transactions that keep coming into one of our accounts (incorrectly) as scheduled, according to what Support has been telling me.  What I can't get an answer on is how I un-schedule them?  I've been deleting them but this is a bi-weekly annoyance.  Can someone share with me how that's done?  Thanks!

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  • Hmm, that does sound frustrating! You can delete a scheduled transaction from the account register. 

    From the web app, you’ll first need to alter your filter settings so you can view those hidden upcoming transactions. 

    To do that, select "filter" in the upper, right-hand corner of your credit card register, check the box next to "scheduled transactions”, and click "OK."

    You should now see the upcoming transactions and can delete as needed! One thing to keep in mind is that deleting transactions set to occur next will delete the entire series.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

    • April at YNAB Thanks for your response.  2 things...

      1. The "filtered" transactions never seem show according to what I've selected to filter no matter if I've selected / unselected Reconciled or Scheduled.  I've noticed this for a while ago, it's odd!
      2. Even if I delete those out, the next bi-weekly pay date, they are transferred again and they reappear.  Attached is a screenshot showing all the "scheduled" transactions.  Note the dates are all in the past.  I just deleted them out but I guarantee they will show again in another pay cycle.  😕

      Thank you!


    • Steel Blue Mainframe I recently wanted to do the same thing, which is what lead me to this thread. I was able to find and delete my scheduled transaction. I noticed when I click "Filter" there's a date range shown there. Perhaps your end date listed there is only going up to the present month/day but not going into the future, and that's why the future transaction isn't being displayed?

      The other thing I noticed was that all the payments listed there are marked as "Transfer". When an item is marked as a "Transfer", it has a corresponding item created/matched in the other account the amount was transferred to/from. Given that, it's possible you have the recurring transaction in whatever the linked account is, and that's why you're not seeing it when you look at whichever account the screenshot is of. If you try going to that other account, and filtering with the appropriate dates/"scheduled transaction" settings, perhaps you'll find the recurring transaction there.

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    When this happens in my budget it seems I have forgotten to remove the scheduled, repeating transaction, that has not occurred yet.  Is that possibly what you are dealing with?

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