AMEX credit card accounts can't be synced. Transaction import is failing since June 12th. 

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  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running!

  • I feel like this should be moved to the Bank Importing section. Thanks, mods!

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  • curious how often this happens? seems like 2nd time in only about 2 weeks there has been an issue with the AMEX sync for me...the other was worked out quickly, this one has been days.

  • Hi Silver Piranha & Pink Camera ! Thank you so much for reaching out!

    Since we’ve received reports from a number of American Express users who are running into an extended maintenance issue, we’ve gone ahead and reported it to our import partner—and they're on the case.

    While we hope it will be fixed within a couple days, it could take a couple weeks depending on the complexity. We’ll post updates on our Status Page as we hear back, so please check in with us there!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    • Nicole Hi. We put the vast majority of our spending on our AMEX cards. The YNAB support for importing these transactions is vital to our budgeting. We just sprang for the year's subscription. If the import function is down for days to weeks, can we get a pro-rated refund for those days without service? Thanks.

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    • Nicole  a couple of weeks?  Wow.  Like Gray Clarinet  I also just sprung for the yearly sub in April.  I put everything possible on my Amex as well.  For the last several days, YNAB has been basically useless to me because it's not importing my Amex charges.  I'm only interested in auto-import of transactions (I gave up YNAB classic because I got tired of manual entry).


      Sorry to come off a bit negative, but the fact that Amex transactions aren't importing correctly warrants a bit more explanation and a better outlook than "a couple days" to "a couple weeks".  My guess is that Amex is one of your biggest partners.

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    • Hi Sky Blue Wrench and Gray Clarinet !

      I hope you don't mind me jumping in here! :)

      I know direct import issues are frustrating, and I completely understand where you’re coming from. It does feel unfair to pay for something when it isn’t working as expected.

      As long as you subscribed through us directly (and not through iTunes) we can add a bit of free time to your subscription for this inconvenience. However, we can’t offer further compensation (or refunds without complete cancellation) for Direct Import issues. Data aggregation is imperfect. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s a truth nonetheless. It’s expected that there will be bumps in the road, and while we do everything we possibly can to fix them as quickly as possible, it’s just not something we have the power to eliminate (and trust me, we really wish we did).

      American Express is one of our top 20 institutions and we're working to get things back up and running, but we can't guarantee just how long it will take to rebuild the integration to accommodate the changes Amex made. 

      We believe very deeply that YNAB is worth the price without Direct Import, and if this one feature causes more trouble than it’s worth, you can absolutely use YNAB—and get the full benefit—without it. There are many other ways to get your transactions, including entry on your mobile device and File Based Importing.

      We're hoping things will be back up and running soon!

    • Faness Thanks for the response. I appreciate you jumping in. I used to do support and I know it's hard and often thankless work so thanks a lot for getting involved. Syncing amongst all of these institutions is a lot of work with a lot of things that can go wrong; I recognize that, but as a consumer it  is frustrating - especially right now since we are in the middle of some major spending activity and being able to keep an eye on the budget while we are doing so is crucial. It's particularly disappointing for me that it's now when the service is acting up.

      File-based importing currently plays badly with direct import, at least with AmEx. I can't get YNAB to recognize the CSV files I download from my "Statements and Activity" page. There's a new version of the page that AmEx is rolling out that includes Quicken and QuickBooks export. The export includes the whole month to date and YNAB doesn't seem to recognize duplicates (to be fair, the import has payee names in all-caps while they are case-sensitive in the direct import) nor allocate the transactions to the correct card member (that happens in the direct import). This means going through over 100 transactions, figuring out which are duplicates, and doing a lot of manual effort that I thought I left behind with GnuCash...

      I appreciate the offer of extending the year's subscription if this issue isn't resolved soon. Thanks again for being so quick to respond - I do appreciate the support.

    • Gray Clarinet Thank you for your kind words! We're more than happy to help where we can! :)

      The behavior you described with File-Based Importing seems off. Transactions should be matched based on the amount and the date - as long as the amounts are exactly the same and the dates are within 10 days of each other, they should be matched or skipped if they were imported previously.

      When you have a moment, can you give the "Quicken" option a try? That's the one I tried (I also have an Amex account) and it did the trick without causing any duplicates. 

      If that's still giving you trouble, please let me know and I can run this by one of our direct import experts! :)

  • I am seeing how YNAB works during my trial period and at first I loved it. I told my friends and family I loved it so far but would would wait until end of trial to recommend. Now I absolutely hate YNAB (I hope the hate is temporary). It is wasting HOURS out my day trying to solve the lack of Amex importing. I thought I had found the solution to my budgeting needs but now I am wasting more HOURS trying to look for an alternative to YNAB. I spent a few hours trying to use the file import and I just ended up with duplicate transactions for all the purchases I had manually entered at time of purchase and I had to manually delete (wasting more time).

    I had really loved being able to log transactions (at the time of transaction) and then seeing when they cleared my accounts. This is exactly what I was looking for in software. Hopefully I can find something to replace YNAB before my trial expires. 

  • I just cancelled my subscription because of this issue. If you fix it let me know and I will resubscribe. 

    • Hi Bradley Bailey !

      We're sorry to see you go, but we completely understand if direct import is a deal-breaker. I sent you a quick email with a few more details and I hope you'll give YNAB another try once things are back up and running! :)

  • Problem has changed the link says "this connection needs your attention" and then the login credentials need to be updated.  Put in the user id and password (which works without issue on Amex website) and it does not work. Just loops back to the same screen to put the user id and password in again. 

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    • Hi Pink Camera ! We are seeing some changes in the error, as our import partner works on the connection—it is related. We hope to have better news for you soon!

  • It looks like there are 2 threads on this issue, so I'll just say again I'm having the same problem Pink Camera  described where it asks me for my credentials and tells me my username password is incorrect. It definitely isn't.

    Also Faness seemed to imply earlier in this thread that Amex had made a change and you had to rebuild the connection. I also use Personal Capital (for investment tracking) and Banktivity on my desktop (kind of like Quicken for Mac, only not awful) and both of those connect to Amex with no issue. So there is definitely something unique about your connection.

    I am manually entering the transactions, like others the vast majority of my day to day expenses go on one Amex card.

    • Thanks Woolloomooloo ! I mentioned on the other thread, that is related to the widespread issue we're seeing. Since the error has changed, we're hoping better news is around the corner!

  • Faness said:
    Data aggregation is imperfect. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s a truth nonetheless. It’s expected that there will be bumps in the road

     I'm sorry, I don't buy that. It's more than a little frustrating to have representatives in a support forum, basically ask paying customers for "sympathy" for how hard it is to actually deliver on product quality.

    If you visit, what does it say?

    You Need A Budget is award-winning software and a proven method—that works.

    It does not say "You Need A Budget is award-winning software and a proven method - that works some of the time, but data aggregation is imperfect and that's an unfortunate truth..."

    If data aggregation is so hard, how come my Personal Capital app has been flawlessly importing my Amex data this entire time?  What are they doing that YNAB isn't? I'm not even paying them money and it works!

    I appreciate you taking the time to come in here and respond to frustrated customers, as I know from experience that is a difficult job, but YNAB doesn't get my sympathy for taking my money and then not delivering on features and quality. 

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    • Aquamarine Horse I truly apologize for the inconvenience here. That quote is in direct reference to the YNAB Method - following the four rules - that's what we know works. We can't guarantee or promise direct import connections, but we do our best to improve connections and get them back up and running as fast as we can when something goes wrong. 

      We do offer a Money-Back Guarantee, and we understand if you choose to take advantage of it - you can email [email protected] to go over options. We're working to resolve this issue and we hope you'll stick with us while we do.

  • If you all really want to point fingers, blame the banks for not offering a first-party API that allows developers like YNAB retrieve your transaction data. Amex has one, but for only for EU companies who meet strict criteria. Most banks have nothing of that sort.

    To be fair, integrating disparate systems is just... hard. There's a lot of moving parts involved in getting this kind of data out of banks. Especially when those systems are made for consumption by their customer's web browser (not for programmers writing code on a server). This tech void forces companies like YNAB to rely on flaky 3rd party services to pull in your transactions. It's just bad luck that the service YNAB uses is having Amex issues right now. Personal Capital must use a different service, which is currently having better luck, but it's only a matter of time before it's the opposite. Banks.., right..?

    Keep working at it YNAB. We trust you'll figure it out!

    Side note: I'm surprised nobody has chimed in yet saying "You're supposed to enter your transactions manually anyway, therefore this is not really an issue". Personally I disagree with that sentiment, but it seems to be the status quo here on the forums when I bring up pending transaction import, so it surprises me that this many people are frustrated by this outage.

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    • Hi Cornflower Blue Saxophone !

      Thank you for your kind words and understanding! You're exactly right - we don't have direct connections with a number of institutions. This means that when they make updates, it breaks direct import on our end until we can get that integration rebuilt to accommodate the changes. We do suggest manual entry even with direct import, but we want that feature to work, too (especially for those who prefer it!).

      We're working on getting things back up and running and we truly appreciate your patience! :)

  • Also have been having this problem for a few days. I put most of my spending on my Amex, making YNAB useless for me. I hate manual entry, which is why I purchased YNAB at all. Please fix this.

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    • Hi Aquamarine Dragon !

      Sorry for the trouble! We're currently working with our import partner to get this issue resolved. We're hoping it will be soon and we're tracking updates on our status page.

  • Just to chime in, when you use the beta page for Amex Statements and Transactions it lets you download a quicken file for the billing period as it currently stands. You can then drag and drop that file into YNAB and in my experience didn’t post a single duplicate. Works well. (The CSV method however does not work)

    As someone who has used multiple financial products that import data, this is very common and a harsh reality of the  fragmentation of systems and data in the banking world. You won’t find a better software to aggregate this data than YNAB imo. I’ve seen it all. 

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    • Forest Green Crab Thank you for weighing in here! I'm able to see the Quicken option on my end, but some YNABers weren't and it didn't register that it was a beta option - so thank you for clearing that up for me! :)

      We're trying to get this back up and running as soon as possible and we truly appreciate your patience (and kind words!).

  • Looks to be resolved. I just had 20 transactions download. 

  • It seems the problem has not been resolved. The customer service at American Express said it could be 4-8 weeks before qfx is available again. I tried csv and when it finally worked, it did a lot of duplicate transactions and the balance did not match up (reconcile.) I hope this is resolved soon. I will not be using my amex card until it works correctly. 

    • Orange Router Did you select “Adjust for Local Time”. My Amex is importing normal now but I had a lot of duplicate transactions when I did manual import until I selected Adjust for Local Time.

    • Hi Orange Router ! Can you try to add American Express Credit Card connection one more time for me? It looks like you may have removed the connection from the Manage Connections list, but we will need it listed there (even if it’s failed) in order to troubleshoot.

      Let me know once it’s back and we can dive in!

  • Mine is saying Zero transactions to import, which I try to do the file based import. We could not find any valid transactions to import from the files provided.  My Amex account only gives me the option of CSV.

    Any suggestions for me to help with the file based importing?

    • Hi Cyan Trombone ! We're hearing that QFX might not be available from AMEX for several weeks. 😔

      Importing CSV files is our last resort option because there isn't an industry standard format and they need to be formatted just right but we can help you with that.

      Here's an article that covers Importing a CSV file that will show you how to format the file, as well as an (unofficial) CSV converter created by a fellow YNABer—which may help convert your CSV file from your bank into a compatible format. Let me know how it goes!

  • Hi there, it was working for a week, and now it's again not importing from AmEx. Any tips for me? thanks.

    • Cyan Trombone Oh no! It looks like your American Express connection is waiting for you to answer your security questions. Can you give that a try? And then we'll see where things are at!

      To do that, click the “Import(!)” button at the top of your account register in the web app or tap the orange alert at the top of the account register in the mobile app. Then answer your authentication questions (if there are any to answer) from there.

  • It worked, thanks Nicole !

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  • Its insane that this has been an issue for 3 months now.  What is actually going on?  If this was just a technical issue, it should either be solved already or YNAB needs to give up on these data providers and just hire a larger dev team already.

    Is it not a technical issue?  Amex has been down for 3 months intermittently.  TD Bank was down for several months before that.  I don't think I have ever used YNAB for more than a few weeks at a time, before data import failed for at least one of my accounts. 


    I have genuinely given up on using it for tracking all of my finances, because I have just become so used to the continuous data import errors.

    • Hi Tan Welder !

      The original Amex issue reported on this thread has been resolved. The more recent comments are for a new and separate issue. 

      Our import partner believes you should be able to reconnect to American Express once you remove and re-add that connection (or like this if you're on mobile).  Can you give that a try and let me know if you're still having trouble?

    • Faness My AMEX connection has also been down for weeks with the same issue. I removed and added the connection as shown in your link but still cannot authenticate to AMEX. 

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      • 5 mths ago
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      Gray Piccolo Sorry for the frustration in my previous message Faness .  It was a tough week.  I'd edit or remove the post if I could.  Removing and re-adding the connection worked.  Thank you!

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    • Tan Welder I'm happy that did the trick! I think we've all had one of those weeks (or several), so I completely understand the frustration. If that connection gives you anymore trouble, please don't hesitate to let us know!

    • Gray Piccolo I sent you a quick email to see if we can't get things back up and running for you! :)

  • it seems to work for a while, then stop. then I disconnect and unlink, reconnect, relink. then it works for a while then stops.  Now it thinks I have multiple copies of the same card(s) - I don't.  crazy borked.

    • Hi George Peden !

      Sorry for the trouble! I took a look and I see you were able to write in to support for help. You're in great hands! Hopefully, we'll have those extra accounts ironed out soon! :)

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