Removing Old Catagory


So I had created some old Categories for when I went on holiday earlier this year.

However, they show up in every month's budget which is a bit odd!

Now when I go to delete them it says " Recategorize Transactions" 


I don't really know what I am supposed to do?

I find the budgeting side of this software very difficult for example most months the budget is wrong.  The only way to reconcile this is to go thru every other month to see where that money is.  Luckily I only have a few month to go thru but imagine if you had a few years worth of months to go thru its totally unpractical. 



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  • So, I have deleted the above Categories and re-allocated to this months budget.  What is confusing is that my current account is -£127.18 and my credit card is £464.99 so my total debit is £ 582.17, so why does my budget in YNAB show as only -£57.01 ? 

  • I've signed up to the Credit Card Training session later today so hopefuly that helps

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    When you have a category you don't need any more, you want to hide the category, not delete it. 

    If you delete the category, it deletes it in all months, which means that any transactions that were tied to the category get messed up.

  • I would repurpose categories where-ever possible, and I usually use less specific categories.  Vacation rather than specific date-identified trips.  Unless you plan on never vacationing ever again.  In which case, hiding the category would be the way to go.

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  • You can have a generic category (eg vaca expenses) and then the savings category (eg summer, winter, xmas, etc). When time to spend you can move funds into "vaca expenses". With this method, "vaca expenses" cant go away but the others can at anytime because no transactions were tagged to those categories. Once you tag a category with a transaction it is very hard to remove. There is a method called "wish farming" that further describes what I am pictching here. Really it is a hack to mask the inability to orphan categories. You can hide but they never go away. You can rebrand but reporting gets ugly. 5k for Grill when really it was 1k 2 months ago and last month was 4k for vaca but you rebranded.

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  • Hi Sky Blue Hail !

    When you delete a category with previous transactions, two things happen:

    1) You're asked to recategorize (or uncategorize) past transactions in the category.

    2) All the money budgeted to that category (in all months) is sent back To be Budgeted, so you'll likely want to move money to the category you chose in the first step.

    Now, if you delete a category with any credit card spending, this action not only impacts To be Budgeted, the category you're deleting, and the one where you're recategorizing the transactions—but your credit card payment categories as well.

    That's why we highly recommend hiding categories instead to keep that past intact, as the changes you see in your budget might be different than what you expected, even though the math checks out.

    One way to feel more confident in the math is to look at how much you have To be Budgeted and Total Available (the sum of the Available column, which you'll see in the right sidebar when no categories are selected). The sum of those two values will be the same before and after deleting a category.

    I hope that's reassuring, so you can move money to where you need it to be—including those credit card payment(s)!

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