Spending by Date Goals not working

So I set a yearly spending goal of $1000 to be ready to spend for November 1, 2020 and then to have it REPEAT.  However, when I take the money out to pay the bill and then start saving for it again it still says that I have reached my goal and I'm fully funded when I'm NOT  since I am starting all over again to be ready for 11/1/21.  How do you fix this?  It will even continue to say I'm fully funded in the next month when I only have 83.33 in the sinking fund of the $1000.

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  • The yearly spending goal means that "I want to spend a max of 1000 dollars for Christmas (for example) I don't care whether I buy presents in july or in december as long as I spend 1000 bucks. If I have 500 dollars in july and I spend 150 of that I don't need 150 more, I'm still on track.

    Basically what you are looking for is the target balance by date (which I don't think repeats automatically.) This goal says "I need 1000 bucks in december. If I spend 150 in july, I STILL need 1000 in December so I need to budget 150 more over the next 5 months than originally planned." With this goal type your needed amount adjusts automatically. 

    • Hopeless Noob   Ahhhhhh HAHAHAHAHA  THANK YOU!!! I just changed it to target goal and it WORKED!!!  WOO HOOOO!  Thats exactly what I needed!  I wasn't sure I explained it clear enough but you got exactly what I meant!  THANKS!

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      Hopeless Noob Similar issue here for my garbage which is due quarterly. I created a Needed for Spending goal of $102.32 due on 1-Apr and repeating every 3 months. Are you saying this will not work like I am expecting? 

    • kuldaddy If you make the due date March 31 instead of April 1, this should work as you'd like!

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