Travel Cancellations

I have a category for a trip that was cancelled due to Covid19.  Because of refunds it now has available funds that won't be used for a non-existent trip.  I am considering keeping the money separate as a future travel fund but am not sure how best to organize that.  Should I just rename the category? Or should I hide the old trip and move the money to a new category?  Any ideas are welcome! 

Thank you!

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  • I have a Trips/Vacation category that I rename to whatever I'm planning. Keeps all those expenses together. 

    I also got a refund due to COVID-19 and I'm leaving the funds where they are for now. Worst case, I can move them, best case, I use them for a new trip.

  • I would rename it if the current name is not appropriate.

  • I would rename it to a more general Travel category. Mine is just "Vacation" which includes travel funds.

  • I'd rename it. Right now my travel categories are vaguely-named (one for my scheduled PTO in September, and one for the desperately-needed luxury island retreat I want to take sometime after the pandemic), since I don't know what's going to be possible for the next year or two. I had a travel category for a planned August trip that I did delete, but I hadn't allocated any funding to it at the time of deletion.

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