Real Expense ==> Reports that can show money spent + money budgeted(but NOT spent)

Current YNAB REPORTS only shows what has been spent, but NOT which has only been budgeted (and not yet spent)

Is there any kind of report, which combines expenses, and budgeted TRUE expenses, so that I know my real expenses needed for monthly survival.

If not, how do you track this magic number?


This comes handy specially when I need to average out TRUE expenses such as:-

property tax, car registration, kids summer/spring/fall camps, gifts, etc, which are known amounts

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  • Hi Sky Blue Harp ! There currently isn't a report comparing what you budgeted vs what you spent, as we like to focus not on expectations vs reality—but rather on what your actual spending is, and how that breaks down into your various categories. We believe what you budgeted in the past is less important than what you actually spent. That will give you a more realistic picture of how to budget in the future.

    If you'd like to see this type of report in YNAB, please submit a Feature Request for our product team to consider for the future.

    To see what you budgeted to a category in a previous month, try Quick Budget. This will show you what you budgeted the prior month, your average budgeted or average spent amounts (for up to the last 12 months).

  • Thanks for the feedback. Actually i m referring to the categories where I allocate the budgets and roll them into future months. I was looking for some reports or metrics, which tells me how much money is growing in them. I can visualize this similar to being like a NetWorth report, where my funds are being increased with time, as I am allocating funds every month. This would be useful to see how I m growing with time, when I allocate funds for savings.

  • Sky Blue Harp said:
    so that I know my real expenses needed for monthly survival.

    If all non-monthly expenses are broken down into their monthly equivalents (Rule 2), the total of budget entries in categories you regard as mandatory IS what you need without the complication of timing. You might get it slightly lower by waiting until the last minute to allocate funds, but that's an error-prone approach that's likely to not be better in the long run.

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  • Sky Blue Harp said:
    I was looking for some reports or metrics, which tells me how much money is growing in them

    I'm curious what you would do with such information. Don't you already know the end goal and are basing the budget entries on that (ala Rule 2)? How would having such a report improve your budgeting process?

    • dakinemaui isn't this similar to budget-based graphs you mentioned before?

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      • dakinemaui
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      Sky Blue Harp Yes, I believe it would be. They'd be cool to see, but would it actually fulfill an actionable need? It's not obvious to me that it does.

      YNAB feature development is... "less than swift", shall we say. I'd hate for YNAB to tie up resources on such a major undertaking when more useful features lie unpursued. (Granted, I'm speaking to my opinion as to "useful", but that, in turn, is based on the many posts from new users who struggle with various aspects of current usage.)

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