Customer Experience taking a big hit with plaid as importer

I'm a long time YNAB user.  Direct Import worked pretty well with the lone exception of Capital One which required manual intervention every time to update.  Since the transition to plaid the experience has gotten significantly worse.  Updates from all accounts are significantly delayed, meaning I can see cleared transactions on my banking app but YNAB shows nothing to import for days.  The login process for Capital One now acts like I've never gone through the setup and prompts me for credentials....every....single....time.  And when it does connect it asks for a secure authentication code twice.  The CX change with this update is truly bad and has to be addressed.

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  • Hi Slate Blue Foal !

    Sorry for the trouble you're having with Plaid!

    With the recent migration to Plaid, direct import issues have been a popular topic, but we aren’t able to troubleshoot Bank Importing issues in the forum. We do have a bit of information listed for the current issues which I'll include below.

    Recently Updated Your Connections and Having Trouble? 

    If you were recently prompted to update your connections and are running into one of the scenarios outlined below, we're on the case! Please don't remove your connections as we work on these issues. 

    1. Transaction imports are delayed or transactions are not importing. We have found the underlying issue for this and are working on a resolution with our import partner. In the meantime, give our other transaction entry methods a try. We will update our Status Page as we have more information. 
    2. Some users are being asked to enter credentials multiple times in order to connect or import transactions. We are working on this with our import partner and will update our Status Page as we learn more. 

    If you're unable to connect and import at all, or running into an issue not listed here, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running! :)

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, we want to cut back on duplicate threads where we can, but you can still chime in on the other Plaid threads that are open if you’d like to discuss things with your fellow YNABers!

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