Overspending caused by transfer cannot be resolved


I have a question. It's not really a problem, but it will be bugging me the entire month ;)

I made a transfer from my CC to a prepaid card account. Now, my CC shows that amount as "Overspending (May)" on top of my CC account and I cannot figure out why, or how to get it resolved. I even budgeted the 25€ directly to the CC category to get the amount for payment updated but this message won't go away.  If I delete the transfer, the yellow note vanishes as well. 

As I said, it's not a problem and my budget works out but I'm confused, and seeing it each time will keep me asking all month long, so I hope you have an answer for me.

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  • You can't fix it.

    The reason it is showing overspent is because  the overspent indicator is based solely on the transactions and not what you budget into the payment category, and a transfer between budget accounts has no category. Since the transaction had no category, there was no cash backing it up, even though you correctly budgeted the new money back to the payment category.

    Essentially, you have to live with it for the rest of the month.

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  • Hi Serpina !

    Here's a bit more info on transfers from a credit card account to a cash account. 

    This is how YNAB identifies cash advances. It shows up as overspending (debt on the card) in your account register and money is added to your To be Budgeted amount (and consequently to your Funds for [Current Month] number).

    The yellow overspending alert in your credit card account register won’t go away until your budget rolls over to a new month. This is the case even if you budget the amount of the transfer directly to the Credit Card Payment category as described above.

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      Faness nolesrule Thank you very much. I'll check the linked resource and I will survive it :) 

      Have a good day

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