Financial Wellness by YNAB

As YNABers, we know the positive impact of a budget on reducing money stress. Did you know the #1 cause of employee stress is personal finances?

For businesses, we have a new program aimed to facilitate how to encourage this in your company. Financial Wellness by YNAB can help guide employers to empower their employees to take total control of their money—for free. We’re now accepting new partners! 

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  • Wow, I would like my university to start educating their employees and students in financial wellness.  I don't want to discuss it on here, but is the best way to just forward the link to my HR department?

    • PhysicsGal Yes, that's what I'd recommend!

  • Is there any incentive for us personally to get our employer on board? I work for a multinational company and I'd think it could be worth potentially millions to YNAB.

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    • Superbone Great question! Double checking with the team on this. 

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      Nicole Thanks, Nicole. I've often thought about teaching a YNAB class to my co-workers since it has made such a big difference in my life. Right now we even have an influx of younger people so I think it could really make a difference in their lives.

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    • Superbone Heard back on this! There isn't an incentive, and the feedback has been passed on the Wellness Team.

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  • I think zero based budgeting and debt avoidance should be required teaching in high school and college.  This is basic stuff that has been life changing in the area of money management to most YNAB users.  I would target churches as well, Dave Ramsey's financial peace university has been very successful there.

    Debt is way too easy to obtain, they hand out credit cards and student loans to new college students like candy.  Debt used to be difficult to qualify for.  Things have changed a lot and now it seems like debt is the way of life.  Personal financial responsibility is greatly needed for all.

    Definitely should be required for teaching congress as well, LOL.  

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    • ynaber2613 Yes! My favorite high school teacher started off a class saying, "This isn't in the curriculum and I could get in trouble for taking the time, but these are things you need to know." We learned about balancing a checkbook, credit cards, household budget, student loans & compound interest, etc. for a few weeks.

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