Best videos to introduce teens to YNAB?

I am going to try to help my daughter and one of her friends get started with YNAB this summer, before they leave for college.  My daughter has heard me talk about YNAB for years, and understands the general idea, but has never taken the initiative to use it.  She claims she wants to this summer - and knows that she has to be using it before she is "allowed" to get a credit card.  (I know that at 18 she doesn't need my permission to get a cc, but ...)

Her friend does not really have any parental support (financially or otherwise) and I would really like to help her in any way that I can.  I would like them both to watch a few videos to begin to understand the basics of YNAB and then maybe we can work together to help them both set up their budgets.

I know that I like Nick True's videos, but I watched them when I was transitioning from YNAB 4 and already really understood the YNAB principles.  What videos do you think would be most helpful in this situation?

I am also open to any advice on helping teens with YNAB (without annoying them too much).  :-)

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    Between Nick True's Videos and the YNAB Official Youtube Channel, pretty much every topic is covered. I have watched quite a bit of videos and they all helped me get my budget setup and understand the whole process (Just started ~36 days ago). 


    If they do get interested, it may also be worth your time to read through these forums in the "Tips & Tricks" section to see commonly asked questions / answers / tips.  I spent some time going through the forum and learned a lot. Even topics that may not have applied directly to me help since I learned how others did it and solved their problems that I was able to implement that into my budet.


    Also, since they are starting college in the fall presumably, if they have an .edu email associated with their college over the summer, they can get YNAB free for a year.


    Hope this helps, Thanks.

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