Where do you list your Clothing category?

Curious as to how others categorize Clothing.  I currently have it as a sub category of Spending Money, but I have just learned that someone else lists it under True Expenses.  Please share!  Every so often I like to reconsider how I've set up my budget and make some category shifts and changes, so I'd appreciate input.

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  • I have it under a category group called Life Quality & Fun (third down, after Immediate Needs and Eventual Needs).  It's a mental reminder to myself that the clothing not on my back is a luxury, and I already own all the clothes I need and more. In pre-ynab days, if left to my own devices, I would constantly be browsing/buying/returning clothes online and cluttering up my closet.

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      Purple Panther I don't have it anywhere.  I'm with you-I have all and more..  But if I should have an emergency, I'll take from "stuff i forgot to budget for".

    • Cyan Yeti Wow!

  • We have the following groupings:

    • Monthly Bills (Checking)
    • Irregular Bills (Checking)
    • Life (Checking)
    • Ins Bills (Savings)
    • Sinking Funds (Savings)
    • Bucket Savings (Savings)

    Our clothing funds remain in the savings account until end of month when we determine how much we need to transfer from sav->chk or vice versa.

    Sinking Funds are items where the spend date is known (Xmas Presents, Summer Vaca, etc).

    Bucket Savings are simply buckets we throw money into and don't know when they will be pulled from. Clothing is found in there. We have a category for each person in the family (2 adults/3 kids). When we buy clothes we tag it to that category. At end of month we calc how much should be in sav vs chk (sum up the Savings Available amounts) and rebalance. Since we are one month ahead we typically have extra funds in chk to cover any extra spending. Plus our CC funds remain in Chk as well.

  • I have Clothing as a sub category under the heading of Personal Stuff. Other items in this category include things like toiletries, make up, hair, manicures, etc. Works well for me but YMMV.

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      KnitPurlKnit Yep, my master category is just plain old Personal. 

  • I've used both! Non-essential clothing for me was spending money for a long time, which helped change my shopping habits. Now it's under a True Expense category group.

  • Under Living/Services. Other groups are Food, Housing, Transportation, School/Education, Savings Goals, Entertainment.

  • I have four Master Categories 

    Weekly Spends (basically any category I interact with more than once a month and doesn't have regular or scheduled payments)

    Bills/Immediate Obligations


    Savings Pots  (includes True Expenses like Annual Bills)


    My Clothing goes in Weekly Spends

  • I have a Personal Maintenance category, under True Expenses, that covers clothing. I don't have a "Spending Money" category group, but it sounds like that's a short-term True Expense category group.

  • Clothing is just a category. It's not purely a need or purely a want. It's not regular monthly spending. It's not annual spending. It's lumpy. For some people it might be seasonal, which is about as close to recurring as one might get.

    Just put it where it makes the most sense to you.

    We keep it in our everyday spending group, which is designed to hold categories that we fund monthly in the same amount up to a cap, but the spending is irregular. The group you tend to keep at the top of the budget  for maximum awareness. Such categories include groceries, restaurants, gas for the car, OTC medical, household goods, school costs for the kids (supplies and field trips), haircuts, birthday gifts, date night, his/hers/family personal spending categories, etc.

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      nolesrule This is almost the same approach we take.  We break this into 2 groups, groceries, eating out, gas, entertainment are in a daily expense group and then the rest you mention are in the next group down as variable spend.   Those categories are irregular but less frequent than the daily group.  I could easily combine them like you do and it would work just as well.

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  • So many good ideas here, thank you for the question.

    I have clothing under "Living Expenses," which I keep at the top of my budget.  This is where I put almost everything I normally spend from monthly, think groceries and things like that).  Don't spend much on clothing myself so just put something in monthly.  When I find something I want to purchase, I check the category.  If the money is there, I buy it.  If it isn't, I don't, or WAM to cover it.  Haven't had to say no for a while, because the money I want to spend, and more, is normally there, thanks to monthly funding.

  • I started moving all my personal expenses into one category to simplify things.  I'm not a big clothing spender...once I realized I can get a bunch of really nice clothes for <$100 on 50% off day at good will every 6 months or so, my clothing budget went pretty low.  I call the category for all my personal expenses "❤️ Self Care".

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