Can't re-order categories or line items


I'm probably missing something simple.  I'm using web based YNAB on my pc.  I've seen people in tutorials re-ordering categories and items within categories yet I cannot seem to get this to work on Firefox.  I've tried searching the forums but haven't found an answer.

Thanks for any guidance!

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  • On the budget screen, you should be able to click, hold, and drag any category group or individual category to another location in the list. It works for me both in Chrome and Firefox.

  • Hi again,

    No luck.  I did turn off Ublock Origin just in case but no dice.  The only thing that affects change is if I try to drag something towards the bottom of the screen, then all categories close and the sub items disappear.  I can expand the little arrow next to each category but nothing changes.  I have to move off the Budget screen to something else and come back to Budget to see everything again.

    Irritatingly it works in Edge so it's specific to my browser.  There is a new version of Firefox ESR so I'll try closing out of everything and updating to see if I can get it to work.  If not oh well, irritating but better than mucking with Edge.

    Thank you!

    • Cadet Blue Inspector Thanks for trying to disable the extension! Sometimes that can do the trick. It sounds like the category groups are moving, but the categories are not when you click and drag on the category line? Here's a quick .gif from my test budget to show both in action.

      When you have a moment, our bugs team would be happy to look closer if you'd like to submit a Bug Report!

  • Hi,

    Yep no luck.  I updated to Firefox ESR 68.10 and no change.  I can see a little hand icon but nothing moves other than the change I mentioned above.  It's probably some other setting I've done in about:config where 99.9% of other people using FF don't have a problem.  My workaround is I'll log in to Edge long enough to re-order things once I get things setup in FF.  Again I'm pretty sure it's me, I've mucked around enough with FF to have probably broken something.

    Thanks so much.  Oh and I cannot wait to get the themes to show up.  Dark themes ftw!

    • Cadet Blue Inspector I know we recently made some updates that made YNAB incompatible with certain old browsers, and at least one Firefox ESR release was affected. If you'd like, I can check whether Firefox ESR 68.10 is supported.

    • Cadet Blue Inspector Our team is investigating this issue, and exploring if we'll support Firefox ESR moving forward. No final word just yet. At the moment, these are our officially supported browsers

  • Sure thing if it isn't too much trouble.  Thanks!

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