Goal Type: Budget X per month that allows accumlating

I have a Yard Care category in my budget.  How do I budget $200 per month, but ensure that if I pull from that category, my goal target is accurate?


Example: Let's say I started the $200 per month goal in December.  If I don't fund the $200 in December, I should owe $400 by January.  


What kind of goal type should this be?  

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  • Spend by date is the closest you'll get. The $200 shortage will be spread across the remaining months rather than necessarily make you come up with it all at once.

    You obviously have the option to budget $400 (more than will typically be suggested) to put yourself "back on track".

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    If you aren't actually funding it $200 per month, you are going to have issues no matter how you do it. I would suggest for all your True Expenses categories (like this one), you set a monthly funding amount and always fund it in the target amount every month. If you need the money for something else find somewhere else to pull it from that has a lower priority.

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