Political Donations Category?

I'm just curious what category those who make political donations use in their budget. I never donated politically until 2020. I used my Charity category but it's not charity and it's not tax deductible. Do you have a dedicated category or do you fold it into something else? I'm going to re-categorize mine but figured I'd pick everybody's brains first. 

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  • I have an Unplanned category that I assign random transactions to that do not typically fit other categories.

  • I put it in as a part of my giving with a note that it's a political donation and is not tax deductible.

  • I have a non- charitable giving category that is separate from my Birthdays/Other Gifts category. I know at least one YNABer has a Democracy category 

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  • I have a Giving master category currently with three subcategories: Friends & Family (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), Political, and Charitable.

  • I break out my Giving category group into several categories, depending on the type of giving. The main one that holds all the funds is the DAF category because by default that's where the money will end up eventually unless we use it for other giving... in which case I'll just move some of the money elsewhere. It's especially important to distinguish between tax deductible (e.g. Friends of Scouting, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, etc. ) and non-tax deductible (Girl Scout cookies, political donations) if you have the possibility of itemizing, so I have separate categories to break them out. If Tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible are not detailed enough you could add a separate one for political donations.

  • I do everything in "Giving" and use the payee to break out deductibility.  (Giving for me is only "money to organizations or individuals for assistance," actual gifts to people are separate.) 

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  • Thanks all. I ended up adding an additional Giving category for non-tax deductible giving. I've been giving out a lot of $20s lately to homeless people too.

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      Superbone I have a "homeless and buskers" payee I stole from WithForksAndHope for those. 

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  • I created a new category in early 2020 with its own name (which I wouldn't be permitted to write here!). I won't be using it in the next few years but am keeping it in my budget in case it's needed in the future...

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