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Hi,  is there any benefit to YNAB if I sign in with apple or google accounts.  


Not sure if this is just potential user convenience / security over using poor passwords or there is futher benifit (saves YNAB money somehow,  or high security over even secure password.


I currently use a password manager with strong password generated uniquely per site.  Is there benefit for logging in with apple for YNAB or me?



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  • Hi! Generally folks choose to use SSO for logging in to YNAB for a few reasons:

    1. It may be easier and reduce friction during log in
    2. You might want to use an Apple private-relay address as your YNAB email for security reasons
    3. You can share your YNAB budget without sharing your password by connecting a Google or Apple login through Account Settings

    The major drawback is that SSO can be more risky if someone gets ahold of those primary credentials.

    Ultimately, it's up to you! :)

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  • How to you share you YNAB budget.  I set my son up with YNAB.  He used his google sign on button.  He wants me to look at his account with him.  I dont see how you "share" the YNAB budget in the settings.  Maybe this is not what was being discussed.  Can he share his budget with me  - so I can help him?

    • Magenta Saxophone If your son is already using Google SSO to log in, he can either set you up for Apple SSO, or set up a username/password for you to use the standard login. 

      To set up that Apple SSO from his end, he'll:

      Alternatively, from Account Settings, he can update the password and share those credentials with you. 😊

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