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I did a fresh start Jan. 1.  Too bad it's not easy to get the finances to cooperate!

1. On Jan 1 I had a positive balance on my cc d/t paying for a couple of things that were still "pending" at the end of Dec. (I know, I've had a conversation on another thread. I won't be doing that any more.)  Will that positive balance be added to my "TBB" amount?!?!?!

2. There are 3 transactions on my cc that happened in Dec, but were still pending.  With my fresh start should I put it those in Dec (will wind up neg in those categories) or in Jan? 

(FWIW, the positive balance on the cc covered 2 of those transactions, and on my previous budget those were covered.)

I don't want to have to do ANOTHER fresh start soon!  It would have been so much easier if my cc balance was zero and those 3 transactions had cleared!!!!!!!!

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  • Since you're cleaning everything up, why don't you try putting their proper dates in December, and also budgeting for them... That would decrease the amount you have to clean things up in January.  It might cause you to practice ensuring your CC payment category is still showing that $18 available to match the card balance.

    Either that or leave them negative (nbd, December's over, it's not like you're looking there for spending guidance) and then just leave your credit card the way we fixed it. 

    ... I assume they were correctly reconciled with the real dates throughout that other thread?

    I wouldn't for another fresh start - what's the point?

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      Move Light Sound Life Thank you once again.

      I currently have the transactions on Dec 31, and it shows a negative number in the categories for Dec.

      They have since been reconciled in my cc register.  My current balance in my cc still shows the $18 we were talking about. (I haven't reconciled again since we "talked" last.)

      I just am weary if this completely accurate.  I may be overthinking it, but things have gone out of whack before and I'm trying to avoid that. And considering I started with a positive cc balance, I'm concerned that it was added to my TBB amount - I don't want to spend those same dollars twice.

    • cpshaye It's accurate, no worries about the past. You can't spend the dollars twice in YNAB if you've gotten rid of red in current and future months. YNAB forces the past to be rectified in the current month. 

      YNAB doesn't force credit overspending (I know it was budgeted in your old budget) to be fixed. However, we fixed yours yesterday by making your current month CC payment category show the absolute value of your current (as of yesterday) CC balance. 

      Now, just budget the rest of your money to $0 TBB and you're set. Oh, and always cover overspending before (as) it happens.

      All you have to do to ensure things don't get out of whack is keep an eye on that CC payment category available/CC working balance and make sure they're always the absolute value of each other. 

      I mean, unless you take your Credit card positive again, at which point your payment category should be $0.

      It's going to be ok. Check back in if something else weird happens! No need to fresh start. It's better to just fix it (we did, as of yesterday, it seems) and move on! 😄

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      cpshaye YNAB keeps everything straight. You cannot double-spend as long as nothing is red in the budget.

      Bottom line:

      IIfyourCC account is NOW positive, make your CC Payment category have $0 available. If the account is now negative, make your CC payment category equal to the account balance as a positive (green) number.

  • 1. Yes, the positive money will go into TBB. Use it to budget toward whatever category is used by the pending transactions.

    2. It's fine to put the pending transactions in Jan. Date them after the starting balance for simplicity. 

  • cpshaye Don't worry—you never have to do a Fresh Start. As long as your budget in the current month reflects reality, you're fine. And if it doesn't, you can always adjust it (by reconciling accounts, moving money, and budgeting to the Credit Card Payment category) until it does!

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