non-job related incoming funds - TBB or Direct Categorization ?

So, this is very difficult to write. This January, my husband, who is 50, was given a terminal diagnosis. My YNAB goal, for the time being, is to maintain the budget as accurately as possible without driving myself crazy and to reflect reality as best as I can. I'm trying to not overthink things, but I'm having some difficulties...

My husband sold some of his hobby items and we are using that money to pay for his cremation and to pay off the vet for our dog's surgery in September. The money is not job related income, should I directly add it to those two categories or TBB? We will be selling a few other items to pay off my car as well.

Really, I don't care at the moment how it's done, but eventually I know that I will want things to be accurate. 

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  • It's income. It is money that is entering your budget.

    Direct categorization to a category is equivalent to negative spending. So if you direct allocate $50 to your eating out category and then spend $50 eating out, as far as YNAB is concerned, you have spent $0 on eating out.

    I'm very sorry for what you are going through right now.

    • jenmas Thank you for the explanation, totally makes  sense. 

  • Record it as TBB and then allocate it to the appropriate categories.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, B's Gambit and all that you're handling right now.

    In addition to above, you can use the Payee field to describe the source of the money, or use something more general. This HelpDoc has more details on adding income, if you need it.

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