TBB shows a negative

I had a $2000 check that did not clear before I closed a cking account.(my bad) In YNAB I had post it and put in category. Bank call say we took the money back. When I delete the cat and inflow of the check TBB is showing neg $2000. How do I get rid of the neg?    

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  • Hello, Reecemj !

    May I ask you to walk me through what happened step by step? Here's what I'm thinking happened, but there's a lot of guesswork here!

    1. You wrote a check for $2000 and entered it in YNAB. The category had enough money in it to cover the check.

    2. You closed the account.

    3. The recipient cashed the check, and... here's where I'm a little foggy. Did the bank honor the check and deduct the $2000 from a different account?

    Happy to help out! We just need to know exactly how the money moved around so you can enter that accurately in YNAB.

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