Pulling a report of flagged transactions? - Loaning to myself across currencies

I'm a contractor and frequently have to "float" expenses from one month to the next, especially the last couple of months where husband has been between jobs. I'm essentially borrowing money from myself which I track by flagging in orange each transaction that is a loan.

The trick here is that our budget is in two currencies with my savings in dollars and spending money in local currency. So I have a category in the dollar budget called "Currency Transfer". It is received in the other budget as "ready to assign".

But now I want to pull a report of all the flagged transactions from the last two months which have been loan-heavy so I know exactly how much to pay myself back. Is that possible? I can't find an option for that other than individually adding them up.

I don't want to rely simply on the category "currency transfer" since there are multiple transactions in that category that are not self-loans. 

Ideas? tips?

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  • Go to All Accounts on the left. Then, in the search bar on the right, type Orange and it will let you search all transactions with an Orange flag (or whatever color you want). 

    Then you can select all the transactions that come up and it will tell you the total amount at the top right. You can also export just those selected transactions if you choose.

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  • Thanks amp97 !!

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