API Endpoint to reconcile an account


I'm very happy with APIs and the opportunities they offer. I'd like to use one in particular to automatically update (reconcile) an account. I want to use this especially with Tracking accounts, which are linked to loans or mortgage, where I have a list of all the remaining balance and I just need to automatically update the remaining balance in YNAB.

Will this kind of new end-point be possible to add?



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  • Hi Tom! A reconciliation is two steps: updating all cleared transactions to have a status of "reconciled" and creating a Reconciliation Balance Adjustment if necessary. You can do this through the API currently by getting the account's "balance" property, checking it against the actual balance, and if it's different you can POST a new transaction to make up that difference (with a category of Inflow: Ready to Assign. Then, you can go through all transactions in that account and check their "cleared" property. If the value is "cleared", set it to "reconciled" using a PATCH.

    It's difficult to make this an endpoint of its own because of the interactive nature of reconciling, but if the above doesn't work for you, you're welcome to submit a Feature Request for this!

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