Phone app says I've assigned more than I have; web app does not

For the last week or so , my iPhone app  has been saying "You assigned more than you have" with a negative amount, and a  "Let's Fix That" button, all inside a red box at the top of the app. However,  the web app does not say this; it just says, "All Money Assigned" with a grey box around it, a $0.00 number, and a check mark.

What could be going on?


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  • Hi @aquamarine_sun.10! There are a couple of quick things to check:

    1. Make sure you're logged in using the same email address on both the web and mobile apps. 
    2. Are you looking at the same budget on web and mobile? 
    3. Try dragging down on the screen in the mobile app to force a sync. On the web app, do so by refreshing/reloading your budget. 
    4. Force quitting the app can cause issues with changes syncing and other important background processes. Are you in the habit of force quitting the YNAB app after making a change? If not, continue to the next steps below. If you are, test this possibility by stopping force quits for a few days and let us know if it clears up the issue.  

      If that doesn't do the trick, could you submit a Bug Report so we could take a closer look? Let me know you've run through these initial troubleshooting steps and enable Support Access  so they can look more closely at what is going on!
  • The problem seems to have resolved itself, thank you.

  • I spoke too soon; the problem is back. Noe of the 4 steps above apply; I'll submit a Bug Report.

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