Lost transactions

Hello! Thanks in advance for any help!

I have NO IDEA what I did, but I somehow deleted about a week's worth of transactions. They're completely gone! It's also messed up numbers for my linked accounts and funds transfers. I tried the manual import from my bank, it said there were a total of 45 transactions to import, but due to automatic duplicate skipping, it only brought in 6 transactions. At this point I'll just go back and I suppose put them in one by one, and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't have any issues importing in the future.


Thankfully it wasn't a long timeframe that wasn't deleted! However, it deleted all my first of the month bills and such, making a BIG issue with my budget. Not to mention all the memos on transactions, and hoping I can remember them.


Does anyone maybe know what on Earth I did to make it do this? And how on Earth I can avoid it in the futre?


Thank you!!

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  • Oh no - this is never fun! It's possible that with a range of transactions selected, you may have hit the "delete" key on your keyboard. 

    If it happens again in the future, remember that, on the web, the undo button is there for you! And while the automatic skipping logic is expected, there is a way around that, too. If this happens again (or if you haven't re-entered those transactions yet), here's what you can do: 

    • Create a new account to replace the current one by clicking on Add Account > Unlinked > Enter Name & Type (You'll have to give it a slightly different name).
    • Enter a $0 starting balance for now, since you're going to move over all the transactions from the other account.
    • Go to the original account, select all of the transactions, and move them to the new account using the Edit menu.
    • Refresh your browser.
    • Hover over the name of the original (now empty) account, click the edit icon, and Delete Account.
    • Now, you can edit the name of the new account and/or set up Direct Import 👍🏻

    Let me know how it's going! 

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